The Space Station Just Got an Experimental ISSpresso Machine

Mmm, space coffee

As Prohibition shut bars, an ad touted the family’s coffeehouse as a place to linger.

The Roosevelt Family Built a New York Coffee Chain 50 Years Before Starbucks

Teddy Roosevelt’s children brought fresh-roasted beans and European coffeehouse culture to Manhattan


Physicists Explain Why Coffee Is More Prone to Spills Than Beer

It all comes down to the foam

Europeans Thought Coffee Was Satanic

Until the Pope tried it out and became a fan

The CIA Has Its Own High-Security Starbucks

Even spies need their morning coffee

Anyone Can Make Up Their Own Weird Or Random Holiday

Case in point: Today is International Coffee Day as well as National Poisoned Blackberries Day

A coffee roaster does a taste test in Los Angeles.

Five Coffee Mysteries the Bean’s Genes May Crack

The newly sequenced coffee genome might reveal the origins of caffeine and pave the way for better-tasting, healthier brews

Spoonfuls of instant coffee still give some morning coffee drinkers their caffeine fix.

Is There a Future For Instant Coffee?

Ask China, they’re buying the most of it

Listen to Your Coffee Beans—It'll Perfect Your Roasting Skills

Coffee beans make different noises depending on how toasted they are

Coming Soon, a College Degree in Coffee

The University of California, Davis, has launched a coffee research center, and hopes to offer college degrees in coffee

Come On, Is Starbucks Really That "Dumb"?

People love to hate on Starbucks. But are those sentiments misplaced?

One More Point for Coffee: It Might Boost Memory-Making Abilities

Research indicates that two cups of caffeine-laced coffee might enhance your ability to remember certain details

The new Temperfect mug harnesses the heat-soaking properties of what's called phase-changing materials.

This Mug Keeps Coffee Warm (Not Piping Hot) For Hours On End

An inventor may have perfected a way to make scalding hot coffee or tea instantly warm, and keep it that way

It's a Myth: There's No Evidence That Coffee Stunts Kids' Growth

The long-held misconception can be traced to claims made in advertisements for Postum, an early 1900s coffee alternative

All-in-One Coffee Machine Turns Raw Beans Into a Freshly Brewed Cup

The Bonaverde, which roasts, grinds and brews the freshest cup of coffee possible, aims to be an industry game-changer


Editor’s Pick: Growing the Best Organic Coffee

In Southeast Brazil lies a town with a population of around 14,000 people that just happens to be the home of some of the best organic coffee in the world

Delicious Peace, out April 9, features 16 tracks that cover a range of Uganda’s musical styles. The songs all have the same message, though: spread peace.

Give the World a Cup of Joe and Teach It Harmony

Musicians in a fair trade coffee cooperative hope to change the world through song and coffee

A diagram of how the K-Cup works

Coffee Pods, An Instant Classic

Single-serving coffee pods are the most recent form of instant coffee. Its history is much shorter than the espresso shot, though just as inventive


Hill of Beans

For author Julia Alvarez and her husband, starting an organic coffee plantation was a wake-up call

Locals prefer Turkish coffee without sugar, but first-timers often prefer to add sugar to make its powerful flavor a bit more palatable.

Getting Your Buzz with Turkish Coffee

Learn what makes this coffee unique and how to place an order for your own cup

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