20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Excerpt from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Lost Labyrinth

Versailles' labyrinth, which we've reconstructed for your virtual pleasure.

View of the Orangerie in 1695 as painted by Étienne Allegrain and Jean-Baptiste Martin

A Garden to Defy the Seasons

Enjoy a chapter of a translated fictional account of the Sun King's kitchen gardenerâ—and peek into the intrigues of high society in 17th-century France

By Jimmy Kennedy River Run Cookbook: Southern Comfort from Vermont

Book Reviews: River Run Cookbook: Southern Comfort from Vermont


Uphill with Archie: A Son's Journey


The Pleasure of the Rare Book

Treasures from the Smithsonian Libraries—a Wright brothers bio, a repoussé prayer book—can be savored in a new show


The Book That Tells Stories About You


From Paper to Pixels

"The Basque History of the World" By Mark Kurlansky

Fire on the Mountain: The True Story of the South Canyon Fire

Fire on the Mountain

Bonding through Books

A good read gives mothers and daughters much more to talk about than just the plot

Journal of Arnold Bennett

Bedtime Reading

A Mediterranean Feast

Book Reviews: A Mediterranean Feast

The British Library and St Pancras

Books, Books, Books, My Lord!

After 140 triumphant years as cultural icon, and 35 years of fuss, the Reading Room of the British Museum is now open at a new address


Look at Me

As far as Bernarr Macfadden was concerned, the main aim in life was to be noticed


The Strange Journey of Heinrich Harrer

The Austrian mountain climber escaped from a prison camp in 1944, slipped into forbidden Tibet, tutored the Dalai Lama and wrote a famous book

"The Storyteller is the Soybean...the Audience is the Sun"

They need each other to make something good happen, and when they get together at festivals and workshops across the land, it usually does


Speeding Through the Great Books on the Road to Higher Learning

Speeding through the Great Books on the road to higher learning


Smithsonian Notable Books for Children, 1995

A Love Affair With Life & Smithsonian

An Editor's Note

A book from Smithsonian's editor recounts tales of writers and wars, photographers and Presidents, and the experiences of life in journalism

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