Marjane Satrapi during a premiere of her film Persepolis

From Persepolis to Pyongyang: Graphic Novels Today


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The Kennedys: Portrait of a Family

An excerpt from the new book by Shannon Thomas Perich


Hill of Beans

For author Julia Alvarez and her husband, starting an organic coffee plantation was a wake-up call


Masters of the Storm

Kennedy Warne, author of "The Amazing Albatrosses," talks about dangerous waters and albatross love

"The Places in Between," by Rory Stewart

The New Civil Service

An excerpt from Rory Stewart's "The Places in Between"

Louis Castro (bottom row, left) played 42 games as a second baseman for the Philadelphia Athletics during the 1902 season. Because his birthplace is questioned by baseball historians, he may or may not have been the first Hispanic player in the Major Leagues.

Debating Louis Castro

Was he the first foreign-born Hispanic in the Major Leagues?

"Bones to Ashes," by Kathy Reichs

Bones to Ashes

An excerpt from the new book by Kathy Reichs


Almost a Fairy Tale

Jonathan Kandell, author of "Americans in Prague," talks about one of Europe's most beautiful cities


When Movies Best Books

"I think most Americans don't realize how close we came to losing the Revolutionary War," says Ferling.

Forget Independence

John Ferling, author of "100 Days that Shook the World," imagines an alternate history



Can invisible technology make Harry Potter disappear?


The American Home Front: 1941-1942

By Alistair Cooke, Atlantic Monthly Press, $24.00


Interview: Daniel Gilbert

What will make you happy? A social scientist explains why it's so hard to predict


Horse Appeal

In this interview, Steve Twomey, author of "Barbaro's Legacy," discusses how interest in the horse extends outside the racetrack


Roy Richard Grinker

His new book offers a scholar's— and father's— perspective on autism

Zuni or not, every woman is obliged to pitch in for the Sha'lako corn-grinding ceremony. During the religious festival, says Morell (far right), "people are expected to set aside all feelings of ill-will and hostility."

Mystery and Drama

Virginia Morell, author of "The Zuni Way," on the mystical ceremonies of the Zuni pueblo

An Old Bailey trial, circa 1808

Capturing a Narrative

In this interview, Guy Gugliotta, author of "Digitizing the Hanging Court," talks about the Old Bailey's influence on Dickens, Defoe and other writers


The Stranger and the Statesman

An excerpt from Nina Burleigh's book, The Stranger and the Statesman: James Smithson, John Quincy Adams, and the Making of America's Greatest Museum


Writer Turned Scientist

In this interview, Mary K. Miller, author of "Reading Between the Lines," describes becoming a shift supervisor in the lab

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