Thanks to the Internet, everyone's a book critic.

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Thanks to the Internet, everyone's a book critic

John Hodgman, the author of "More Information Than You Require," is a preeminent authority on fake trivia.

John Hodgman Gives “More Information Than You Require”

John Hodgman, best recognized as the "PC" in the Apple advertising campaign, discusses how humans distinguish fact from falsehood

Puritan leader John Winthrop arrives in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Sarah Vowell on the Puritans' Legacy

The author and 'This American Life' correspondent talks about her book on the colonies' early religious leaders

Author of Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You, Sam Gosling.

How to Be a Snoop

The way you arrange your home or office may reveal surprising results


Stephen Kinzer on "Inside Iran's Fury"


Jeff Wheelwright on "The Secret of San Luis Valley"

Author of "Bernini's Genius," Arthur Lubow.

Arthur Lubow on "Bernini's Genius"

History's "Global Languages"


Richard Covington on "Lost & Found"

Hawaii-based journalist Christopher Pala has traveled the world covering various topics and is also the author of, The Oddest Place on Earth: Rediscovering the North Pole

Christopher Pala on "Victory at Sea"


Fergus M. Bordewich on "Face the Nation"

Arthur Allen

Arthur Allen on "A Passion for Tomatoes"

Rick Perlstein

Rick Perlstein on "Parties to History"

Alonzo Hamby.

Alonzo Hamby on "Parties to History"

Lewis L. Gould

Lewis L. Gould on "Parties to History"


Guy Gugliotta on "The Great Human Migration"

Matthew Gureswitsch

Matthew Gurewitsch on "True Colors"

Tony Perrottet

Tony Perrottet on "John Muir's Yosemite"

Peter Ross Range

Peter Ross Range on "Silken Treasure"


Interview: Eric G. Wilson

Why the pursuit of happiness naturally includes melancholy

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