1960s family sitting in four-door sedan automobile

“Driving While Black” Has Been Around As Long As Cars Have Existed

Documentarian Ric Burns talks about his forthcoming film about the “Green Book” and other travel guides for African-Americans

In late 1938, the revolutionary DC-3 plane departed Newark Airport for Glendale, California.

How the DC-3 Revolutionized Air Travel

Before the legendary aircraft took flight, it took 25 hours to fly from New York to Los Angeles

The controversial Dutch Somali feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s autobiography Infidel led to death threats from numerous Muslim organizations.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Protecting Women From Militant Islam

Even in democratic nations, mothers and daughters are held back from basic freedoms

Three great picture books from 2011

A Trio of Outstanding Picture Books

Three more books to add to the Best of Childrens Books 2011 list

Some of the best picture books of the year

Best of Children’s Books 2011: For Picture Book Readers (Part I)

As you begin your holiday shopping, review these selections of the best picture books of the year

Children's books is one of the places where eBooks have not taken over.

For Children, Print Titles—Not e-Books—Reign

The act of sitting with a child and paging through pictures and words together, offers a shared understanding of the world and a memorable experience

Children's books for the youngest readers

Best of Children’s Books 2011: For the Very Youngest Readers

The first section of Smithsonian's 2011 Best Children's Books begins with selections for the youngest readers in your family

Our shelves are always full of children's books.

Welcome to Just One More Story: A Blog Highlighting the Best in Kid’s Books

Our goal is simple: to offer up an unfolding guide to irresistible reads—books that will keep kids up at night, reading by flashlight under the covers

Santorini’s villages cling to red-and-black cliffs, looking out on a nearly enclosed 400-foot-deep lagoon; this deep harbor was formed when a catastrophic volcanic eruption occurred some 3,600 years, creating a massive crater.

Archaeology and Relaxation in Santorini

The Greek isle, a remnant of a long ago volcanic eruption, has most everything a traveler would want: great food and awe-inspiring scenery

Smithsonian magazine's 2010 Notable Books for Children.

Smithsonian’s 2010 Notable Books for Children

In our annual tradition, we present some of the best that children's literature has to offer this year

Paul Jennings' account amplifies the rescue of Washington's portrait; Jennings' descendants gathered to see the portrait at the White House this past August.

Witness to History

The first memoir by a White House slave recreates the events of August 23, 1814

Smithsonian magazine's 2009 Notable Books for Children.

Smithsonian Notable Books for Children 2009

Our annual list of children's books highlights the most fascinating titles published in the past year

14th-century Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia.

Endangered Site: Visoki Decani Monastery, Kosovo

The fate of the 14th-century abbey has been darkened by ethnic violence in the Balkans

Nesselrode pudding.

At Home with the Darwins

Recipes offer an intimate glimpse into the life of Charles Darwin and his family

Yertle the Turtle, Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley and The Order of Odd Fish were among those selected as Smithsonian Notable Books for Children 2008.

Smithsonian Notable Books for Children 2008

Surprising, inspiring and outstanding titles for youngsters and the grownups that read to them

Taj Mahal

Restoring the Taj Mahal

This year, millions of tourists will visit the marble monument—and the Indian government is restoring it for millions more


The Parthenon’s Old World Order

After a recent restoration, the center of the Athenian Acropolis and symbol of Western democracy still inspires


Review of 'The Worst Hard Time'

The untold story of those who survived the great American Dust Bowl

The Power of the Printed Word to Stir the World

Every Book Its Reader

The Power of the Printed Word to Stir the World, by Nicholas A. Basbanes


Smithsonian Notable Books for Children 2002

Smithsonian Notable Books for Children 2002

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