June/July 2019

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Charlie Duke and rover

Astronaut to Astronaut

first attempted N-1 launch
Alan Shepard and William Mitchell in Corvette

My Other Ride Is a Spaceship

How the Corvette became the car of astronauts.


Today’s Mission: Normandy

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, C-47s go back to France to honor those who crossed the Channel.

Royal Australian Air Force search for Flight 370

Thinking Outside the Black Box

New technologies may offer alternatives to today's flight recorders.

Iridium satellites

We Have You Covered

And that may help investigators locate aircraft that go missing.

Jeff Lang DC-3

Keepers of the Lost Wreck

Amateur crash site investigation is more than a hobby. It's an ideology.

Blanche Stuart Scott in plane

Fabulist of the Air

The first American woman to fly achieved many distinctions...but not as many as she said.



Join the Conversation

From the Director of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum

Up to Speed

Big Bird Flies

Up to Speed

From Seaplanes to ePlanes

Half a million passengers, zero emissions.

Up to Speed

My Wingman is an AI

And his name is Skyborg.

Up to Speed

Turning Over a New Leaf

Up to Speed

Action Figure

A doll honoring a European astronaut inspires young girls to aim high.

Up to Speed

Meteor Detectives

Up to Speed

Drones Gone Wild

David Dunn, a British academic, has spent the past five years researching how drones can create mayhem.

At the Museum

This D-Day Veteran Earned Its Stripes

Museum conservators work to preserve historic markings on the B-26 Flak-Bait


Space Places

A visual tour of the new global space race

I Was There

On Patrol at the World's Biggest Fly-In

What it’s like to put on the orange vest at Oshkosh.

Reviews & Previews

Crash in the Canary Islands

A new book explains how a series of misunderstandings by aviation professionals led to catastrophe.

Ideas That Defy

The Garage Flyer

Autogiro Company of America’s AC-35