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How Dangerous Is Hitting Another Human Being With Your Head?

How much damage does head butting really do?


Raccoons Are Getting Brain Cancer From a Previously Unknown Virus

A new cancer-causing virus is affecting U.S. raccoons


Ongoing Drought Could Send the Chicago River Flowing in Reverse

Low water levels in Lake Michigan could cause the Chicago River to start flowing the other way


Stop Judging Jack Lew’s ‘Ridiculous’ Signature

Above, you can see signature of Jacob J. Lew, reportedly the top candidate to be the country’s new Treasury secretary. This scribble—a slinky? a bit of fuzz? a doodle of a caterpillar?—may be printed on every single new dollar bill. The signature is causing no shortage of judgment from media outlets like The New York Times [...]

A gonorrhea culture

Gonorrhea Mutates Into Treatment-Resistant Superbug

The world may be at the brink of an epidemic of drug-resistent gonorrhea, though simply using condoms could save the day


Now Accepting Applications for Mars Colonists

The 2023 move, by the way, is permanent

The ongoing fires as seen by astronaut Chris Hadfield

Australia is Burning, And It’s Only Going to Get Worse as the World Warms

Across Australia wildfires are raging. And yes, there is a climate connection


Therapeutic Poop Goes Synthetic

The synthetic feces is less icky than the natural variety and is a "super probiotic," aptly named RePOOPulate

Give your future and your coin to Anubis, and you’ll be spared the rigors of hard labor.

In Ancient Egypt, People Paid to Become Temple Servants

Rather than face forced labor, some ancient Egyptians gave up their futures and their coin to become temple servants


There Are Whales Alive Today Who Were Born Before Moby Dick Was Written

Some of the bowhead whales in the icy waters off of Alaska today are over 200 years old


Tide’s a Smart Product to Steal Even If You’re Not Addicted to Drugs

It's a criminal strategy that comes with low risks and high rewards.


This Road Glows in the Dark

If you've ever been on a dark country road, you know how hard it can be to see just where the asphalt ends and the rest of the world begins. Well, in the Netherlands, they've proposed a clever solution: glow in the dark road paint


There Goes the Ecosystem: Alien Animals Invade Antarctica

Humanity is well on its way to screwing up Antarctic and the Southern Ocean in addition to the warmer corners of the world


You Can’t Throw a Rock in the Milky Way Without Hitting an Earth-Like Planet

A new estimate says there are 17 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way


Your Phone Could Make You Into a Thunderstorm Predicting Machine

Some Android phones have barometers, and scientists want to use your observations to predict the weather

A living giant squid, captured for the first time on film.

Elusive Giant Squid Captured on Film for the First Time

The squid is about 10-feet long and was spotted over half a mile below the ocean surface about 620 miles south of Tokyo


You Can Now Buy Space Shuttle Launch Facilities

Haven't you always wanted to own a launch pad?

Get Ready for the Best Meteor Showers of 2013

The Quadrantid shower is already behind us, and star gazers will have to wait until April (the start of meteor shower season) for the next big show

Meet Nicky, the blind baby rhino

Blind Baby Rhino Rescued After Bumping Into Trees

The rescued baby is bringing attention to Lewa's efforts to protect its ailing rhino populations that are being picked off by poachers

At Auction: A 1766 Copy of ‘Aristotle’s Masterpiece,’ a Best-Selling Sex Guide Banned in England Until 1961

Banned in England until 1961, a copy of this 17th-century text is going up for auction

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