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Help a Scientist By Playing This Word Association Game

If you like playing games on the internet, you can help one of those psychologists out by playing a word association game online


Catfish Are Teaching Themselves to Catch Pigeons

In southwestern France, catfish are throwing themselves on the shore to catch pigeons


Climate Change May Have Driven Genghis Khan’s Army Across Eurasia

A multidecadal blip in temperature and rainfall patterns may have spurred the rise of the Mongol Empire

Eugene Cernan on the surface of the Moon, December 1972.

It’s Been 40 Years Since Anyone Rode a Rocket to the Moon

Apollo 17 took off forty years ago today

Climate justice protestors in Doha.

It’s the Final Day of the Doha Climate Talks, And, Uh, Did Anything Actually Happen?

Reports from Doha don't provide much hope that any progress has been made on the increasingly urgent issue of global climate change


This Is Every Bomb Dropped on London During the Blitz

See all 100 tones of explosives the Germans dropped on London in one map

Middle School Jocks Actually Get the Best Grades

The fittest kids on the playground are also the ones who excel in the classroom at standardized tests and good grades


Lions Are Disappearing From Africa

Research shows that lions are quickly disappearing across Africa's once-thriving Savannah due to human population growth and massive land use conversion


Extroverted Gorillas Live Longer Than Shy Ones

In New Zealand, Dogs Are Being Taught How To Drive Cars

Because people didn't think dogs were awesome enough

After Decades of Wishing for a Mars Colony, It May Finally Be Within Reach

With multiple paths to the red planet laid out, we might actually see people on Mars in the next few decades

Here’s How to Make a Scorpion Bomb

Want to keep your enemies at bay? How about throwing a jar of scorpions at them?


These Beautiful Blurs Are Nude Portraits

New York–based photographer Shinichi Maruyama has a knack for capturing motion on film

Does Blood Doping Even Work?

A recent study found no evidence that using blood doping drugs gives elite athletes any advantage

“Nothing tells us more about the spread of humans across the Earth than city lights” – NOAA.

Black Marble, Interrupted: Our Mark on the Night Sky, From Space

NASA scientists created global composite images using cloud-free nights to reveal an unprecedented look at how our planet appears at night

Drinking Tea Was Once Considered an Irresponsible, Reckless Pursuit for Women

Poor Irish women who drank tea in the 19th century might as well have been chugging a bottle of whiskey


Your Cell Phone Could Soon Become Part of a Massive Earthquake Detection System

In the future, your cell phone's accelerometer could help detect earthquakes

Not Besse Cooper’s hands

Besse Cooper, World’s Oldest Person, Passes Away

Born in 1896, Besse Cooper was came into a world that was vastly different than the one she just left


Oldest Book Printed on American Soil To Go Up for Sale

A 372-year old book of psalms is set to go up for auction


Birds Harness the Deadly Power of Nicotine to Kill Parasites

And city birds are stuffing their nests with cigarette butts to poison potential parasites

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