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Why Can’t Voters Get Free Stuff?

Turns out, rewarding voters for voting is illegal

Five Places Outside America Where the U.S. Election Matters

American citizens aren't the only ones concerned about the outcome of tomorrow's election

Glacier ice covers North America 126 thousand years ago.

Here’s Why We’re Not Living in an Ice Age (And Why That Matters for the Future)

The same feedback systems that took us from ice age to modern warmth are still around


Brits Have Invaded Nine Out of Ten Countries

At various times, a new study found, the British have invaded almost 90 per cent of the countries around the globe


The Modern Way to Honor Guy Fawkes: Hack a Website

Each year, Guy Fawkes is remembered as a revolutionary by people all over the world, who general celebrate his memory by causing trouble, blowing things up, and most recently, hacking

An artist’s imagining of an alien asteroid belt

Finding Life on Other Planets May Be Even Harder Than We Thought

Some scientists think that to find advanced life, you need to look for an asteroid belt

New Jersey Will Be Able to Vote Online This Year, But You Probably Never Will

This week, the state is grappling with how to bring their citizens the vote


Why Do We Vote on Tuesdays?

Tomorrow, Americans across the country will head to the voting booth and cast their ballots for the next president of the United States - but why always on Tuesday?

Cities, Bridges And Burning Man Don’t Build Themselves

As humankind expands into the far reaches of the world - we build things. Bridges, cities, buildings. How do those things get built?


These Are the Arguments That Convinced NYC to Cancel the Marathon

The decision to keep the race on, less than a week after Hurricane Sandy knocked out much of the city's power and transportation, is garnering criticism for Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Road Runners who organized the event


Some Places Hit by Sandy May See Another Big Storm Next Week

A possible nor'easter is brewing off the Atlantic shores


Top Secret WWII Message Found In Surrey Chimney

A message, carried by a long-dead pigeon, was found 70 years later in a chimney


Passive-Aggressive Snarks Own Wifi Networks

For wifi network owners, things are getting personal. Network names now replace stick it notes as the means of conveying passive-aggressive snarks to annoying neighbors. The BBC did a little digging and found the following gems floating about in local cyber space: “Stop Stealing My Paper!” begins one exchange, to which the reply taunts: “FYI, I Don’t [...]

In Canada, People Gladly Trade in Guns for Shiny New Cameras

Give up your pistol, get a new point-n'-shoot camera


The World’s Happiest Man Is a Tibetan Monk

Matthieu Ricard, a 66-year old Tibetan monk and geneticist, produces brain gamma waves never before reported in neuroscience

How to Shut Off Bad Habits

Habits die hard, but researchers may have the first clue towards neurologically shutting down bad ones


Newly Uncovered, 6,500-Year-Old Fortified Stone City the Oldest in Europe

This 350-person town is the oldest of its type found to date

How to Tell If Your Kid Will Become a Great Artist

Spotting artistic talent in your own kid is hard - but here are some ways to do it


Dolphins Go Hunting In Fishers’ Nets

Dolphins deliberately enter trawlers' nets to look for food--sometimes they get caught

In the Middle East, Female Scientists Face Different Challenges

Rana Danaji, a professor of molecular biology in Jordan, weighed in in the journal Nature on what it's like to be a woman in science in an Arab world

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