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Test Just How Good You Are at Remembering Faces

In this 10 minute test, you'll see 56 faces and names and try to remember as many as you can

The Ness of Brodgar is on the largest of the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland.

Archaeologists Uncover Massive Stone Age Complex in Scotland

A 5,000-year old temple complex may have been the centre of Stone Age British culture


The FBI Would Like Everyone To Stop Shooting Lasers at Airplanes

Shooting a laser at an airplane could get you 20 years in prison


The U.S. Air Force’s Plan To Build a Flying Saucer

Newly-released schematics show the plans for a failed flying saucer

Rogue Ales is planning on brewing a new beer from beard yeast.

Brewmaster Makes Beer From His Beard Yeast

Most fermenting species of yeast are found on animals, insects and rotting fruit, so cultivating yeast from a person's body might not be that far-fetched

Like Salamanders, African Spiny Mice Can Grow New Tails


The Two Newest Nobel Prize Winners Opened Up Pandora’s Box of Stem Cell Research And Cloning

Today's Nobel Prize in medicine went to Shinya Yamanaka and John Gurdon for their work on stem cell research and cloning


When Did Human-Neanderthal Hook Ups End?

Upper Paleolithic humans coming out of Africa lost romantic interest in Neanderthals about 47,000 years ago

Are You an Expert? If Not, Forget the 4-Hour Work Week

The seemingly too-good-to-be-true 4-hour workweek has a few glaring caveats


French Bees Are Making M&M-Contaminated Blue And Green Honey

In France, bees have been turning up with abdomens swollen in colors of blue and green, an unnatural rainbow that was also reflected in their honey


Why Pencils Are Way Better Than Pens

Count Wolfgang, head of a huge pencil company, explains why pencils are wonderful


Skydiver Plans to Break the Sound Barrier by Jumping From 120,000 Feet

Carried aloft by a giant helium balloon, Felix Baumgartner will free-fall from the stratosphere


The Crazy Things a Few Tiny Little Mouse Eggs Made Scientists Say

Scientists took heed of the announcement that eggs can be made from stem cells, as evidenced by a collection of uncharacteristically colorful reactions


Watch Young Whooping Cranes Prepare for Flight

Crane enthusiasts now enjoy live streaming of this year's batch of endangered young Whooping Cranes as they prepare for their first migration south


One Tiny Piece of Space Debris Can Destroy a Satellite

Roughly 21,000 pieces of space junk orbit near the Earth

New Zealand’s kakapo

Fossilized Dung Hints That One Endangered Species Might Be the Savior of Another

British Architects Plan to Build a House Entirely From Waste

England will soon begin construction on its first building built entirely from waste


Two Companies Want to Frack the Slopes of a Volcano

Two companies want to hydraulically fracture the Newberry Volcano in Oregon

A black mamba strikes

Black Mamba Venom Beats Morphine as a Painkiller

Black mambas' toxicity turns out to have applications other than rodent-killing


Share a Bit of Earth’s Majesty With Every Letter You Send

A new stamp collection pulls together beautiful top-down views of the Earth

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