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Stop Complaining About Monday, You’ll be Just as Depressed Tomorrow

Researchers debunk the myth of Miserable Mondays. Turns out, we hate all days equally

These college students are probably happier than you.

Drink Up – Binge Drinking College Students are Happier Than Their Sober Peers

A recent study found that college students who binge tend to be more satisfied with their college experience than their peers who don't drink

Cracking the Code of the Human Genome

Books of the Future May Be Written in DNA

Researchers have encoded a book, including pictures and an accompanying computer program, in DNA


The Sun is Just 0.0007% Away From Being a Perfect Sphere

The Sun is the most perfectly round natural object known in the universe


The Laboratory of Nikola Tesla, One of History’s Greatest Scientists, Is Up For Sale

Nikola Tesla invented a device that uses lightning to play music. No, seriously


Inside the Unnerving Reality of Modern Slavery

The number of people in slavery is estimated to be upwards of 27 million — 2x the number of slaves taken from Africa during the transatlantic slave trade

ChemRex, the only thing that could possibly make Curiosity’s ChemCam any cooler.

Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About the Curiosity Rover

Just because the six-wheeled nuclear-powered behemoth has yet to begin cruising doesn't mean there aren't loads of interesting things to read and hear


Yes, We’re Actually Still Looking for the Yeti

Scientists are accepting DNA samples from cryptozoologists who claim to have evidence of the Yeti

An endangered whooping crane

‘We the People’ Do a Better Job of Picking Endangered Species than the Government

Hopefully, Curiosity will never wake up on the wrong side of Mars, then we’d have trouble finding her.

Good Morning Curiosity – Wake up With the Same Songs as a Mars Rover

Every Martian morning, the Curiosity rover gets a wakeup song


There Is No Such Thing As “The” United States Constitution

"There is no unique, tangible, singular, definitive Constitution," says information scientist Joe Janes

Babies Aren’t So Moral After All, Unless We Engineer Them That Way

The latest research on the "Do babies have an innate moral compass?" question indicates that no, they do not

Ooff. Will this fit?

Frantic Search Ensues for Planet-Sized Dunce Cap as World’s Oceans Take Home Report Card

The "ocean health index" was just released, and overall the world got a giant "D"

The King himself, promoting “Jailhouse Rock”

Elvis Died 35 Years Ago and the Fans Still Can’t Help Falling in Love With Him

The King is dead. Long live the King


Why You Should Stop Worrying About the Robot Apocalypse

You, for one, won't have to welcome your robot overlords too soon


This Woman Wants You to Buy Her, Piece by Piece

Filmmaker Storm Theunissen tired to find out just how much she could get for the various pieces of her


Scientists Get Meta, Asking Study Subjects to Design a Study

Rather than just ask the crowd to help answer math problems or scientific ponderings, why not challenge the crowd to design the questions themselves?

The Professor Molchanov sails off the coast of Svalbard.

Arctic Algae Infiltration Demonstrates the Effects of Climate Change

A sudden shift seen off the coast of Svalbard demonstrates how the world's ecosystems will be reformed by persistent climate change

Killer Economy – Science Suspects Recession to Blame for 1,000 Suicides in England

While jobs declined in England between 2008 to 2010, researchers found that suicides increased

Doctors Probe Bodies with Tiny Microscopes But Don’t Know What They Are Seeing

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