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Your Hotel Key Is Totally Hackable

Recently, thieves exploited a hack of those magnetic stripped cards to break into several rooms at a Hyatt in Houston, and your hotel could be next


Elon Musk’s Plan for Mars Is Really Vague But Definitely Expensive

Like any self-respecting space entrepreneur, Elon Musk has a plan for a Mars colony


Ambient Noise Spurs Creativity

Modest ambient noise - like that found in a coffee shop or cafe - triggers the part of our brain responsible for abstract and creative thinking


These Geometrical Shapes Are Diagrams of Human Consciousness

A late 19th century New Zealand psychologist attempted to depict various states of consciousness with geometric shapes

Scientist and explorer A. E. Nordenskiöld first navigated the Northeast Passage in 1878.

Gas Tanker to Cross Autumn Arctic Ocean Carrying Natural Gas to Japan

A tanker, carrying natural gas to Japan, has set out on a dangerous autumn trip through the Northeast Passage


Voluntary Guidelines Aren’t Enough To Prevent Deaths From Bed Rails

At least 150 people have died in bed rail-related incidents over the past 9 years

Antarctic Animals Are Dissolving

Scientists have warned about ocean acidification for years, but now it's actually happening


Let Astronaut Sunita Williams Take You on a Guided Tour of the ISS

Take this 25 minute-long guided tour of the ISS

The seal of the United Mexican States

Mexico Is Technically the ‘United Mexican States’ And Isn’t Too Happy About It

Mexico is sick of having to correct people on its name all the time

Three of Jupiter’s moons, Callisto, Io, and Europa can be seen orbiting the gas giant.

Jupiter Just Can’t Decide How Many Moons It Wants To Have

By catching or tossing comets or eating old moons, Jupiter's orbiter-count is constantly in flux

Happy Kids Are More Likely To Grow Into Rich Adults

A new study investigates the link between a blissful childhood or adolescence and a healthy bank account down the road, suggesting that the two are related


World War II Code Writers Were So Good We Still Don’t Know What They Were Saying

Earlier this month, a pigeon with a secret code was found in a chimney in Surrey but no one has been able to crack the code


Citizen Science Projects Are Actually Helpful to Science

How helpful can citizen scientists really be? A new review study says: very helpful


Watch the World’s Oldest Working Computer Turn On

The Harwell Dekatron—also known as the Wolverhampton Instrument for Teaching Computation or the WITCH computer—was built in 1951


UN Climate Talks Start Monday: Here’s Your 83-Second Primer

For the 18th consecutive year, world leaders will try to figure out what to do about climate change


Who’s Murdering And Mutilating These Dolphins?

Along the southern coast of the United States a mystery is deepening: mutilated dolphins keep washing up on the beach, and no one knows where they're coming from


The Arctic Is Running Out of Snow Even Faster Than It’s Running Out of Ice

The Arctic is losing snow cover twice as fast as it is losing sea ice

A Pack of Wolves Turned Up in Berlin For the First Time in 100 Years

Naturalists in Berlin celebrate over news: farmers spotted a pack of wolves in a village 15 miles south of Berlin, living in deserted former Soviet camp

Finned Robot Leads Gullible Fish Schools

A new fish bot joins the ranks of ethorobotics, or the study of bio-inspired robots that interact with live animal counterparts


You Can’t Blow Somebody’s Brain Up With Sound

The sounds of nails on a chalkboard, the sound of someone vomiting, the sound of a baby screaming - all pretty unpleasant sounds. But not so unpleasant that you might, say, die

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