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Your State Border Might Not Be Where You Think

The boundaries of your state might not be as solid as you imagined


Motor-Powered Mario Lets You Play Old-School Donkey Kong in Real Life

Laser-cut figurines and metal balls recreate the early 80s classic

Dear Florida: Stop Messing With Mating Manatees

But in Florida, residents are being asked to stop bothering manatees while they're trying to get it on

Palmyra, Syria

Looters Are Selling Artifacts to Fund War in Syria

War zones are dangerous places, for both people and cultural heritage


The World Beard And Moustache Championships: Where the Competition Gets Hairy

Last Saturday, more than 100 mustachioed and bearded participants gathered in Wittersdorf, a town in eastern France, to strut their scruff at the 2012 European World Beard and M0ustache Championships


Track a Great White Shark from Your Computer

Where in the world are Genie and Mary Lee? Two tagged great whites are teaching us about how these giant fish live in the deep


To the Bat Cave!

One conservation group, the Nature Conservancy, has decided to take action against white nose syndrome by setting up a refugee bat cave

Facebook Zero works on all these phones.

Facebook Snuck Into the World of Basic Cell Phones And Took Over

How Facebook is reaching those without smart phones

High School Students Hit a Forty Year Low on the SAT Reading Section

Over 50 percent of test takers scored below the level that would indicate college success, and scores from every racial group but one (Asian) declined


Sao Paulo Traffic Jams Extend 112 Miles, On Average

With so much time spent in cars, it’s inevitable that life events like meeting your future spouse occur there, too


There’s a Reason It’s Called Global Warming: European Emissions Rise From Imported American Coal

US carbon dioxide emissions go down, but European emissions go up, as coal is traded worldwide


If We Had Followed This Plan, We’d Be Living on Mars By Now

If you think Curiosity is exciting, imagine where we could have been if someone had put these guys in charge

A screenshot from the app.

New iPad App Lets You Noodle Around Einstein’s Noggin

iPad app sees Einstein's autopsied brain digitized


Next Year, We Start to Run Out of Bacon

This year's US drought is rippling through globalized agriculture. Next on the chopping block? Bacon


Tsunami Debris Is Just Now Arriving at Hawaii’s Coast

A dock 30-by-50 feet long, with Japanese writing on it, was found floating off the coast of Hawaii, around the same time that a plastic blue bin (a seafood storage container in its past life) became the first confirmed piece of tsunami debris to reach Hawaii. Authorities have not confirmed whether or not the dock was [...]


NIH Sends Almost One-Fifth of Its Research Chimpanzees Into Retirement

The National Institutes of Health has retired 110 chimpanzees of a total of 563


The End of Balloons

With helium reserves running low, some scientists are calling for drastic measures, including the reduction of balloon use

Are Science Museums Going Extinct?

Will science museums survive when the topics they cover are invisible or impossibly far away?

Any large gathering of people, such as this one for Hajj in 2008, has the potential to facilitate the transfer of disease.

Just Before the Hajj, Two Patients Contract SARS-Like Virus

A new coronavirus has been spotted in Saudi Arabia


Here’s What Space Shuttle Endeavour Looked at While You Looked at Space Shuttle Endeavour

Here's what Endeavour saw during its #Spottheshuttle tour

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