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Next Year, We Start to Run Out of Bacon

This year's US drought is rippling through globalized agriculture. Next on the chopping block? Bacon


Tsunami Debris Is Just Now Arriving at Hawaii’s Coast

A dock 30-by-50 feet long, with Japanese writing on it, was found floating off the coast of Hawaii, around the same time that a plastic blue bin (a seafood storage container in its past life) became the first confirmed piece of tsunami debris to reach Hawaii. Authorities have not confirmed whether or not the dock was [...]


NIH Sends Almost One-Fifth of Its Research Chimpanzees Into Retirement

The National Institutes of Health has retired 110 chimpanzees of a total of 563


The End of Balloons

With helium reserves running low, some scientists are calling for drastic measures, including the reduction of balloon use

Are Science Museums Going Extinct?

Will science museums survive when the topics they cover are invisible or impossibly far away?

Any large gathering of people, such as this one for Hajj in 2008, has the potential to facilitate the transfer of disease.

Just Before the Hajj, Two Patients Contract SARS-Like Virus

A new coronavirus has been spotted in Saudi Arabia


Here’s What Space Shuttle Endeavour Looked at While You Looked at Space Shuttle Endeavour

Here's what Endeavour saw during its #Spottheshuttle tour

How the Record for Hottest Temperature Ever Was Refuted

A scanning electron microscope image of the ancient tooth, and the location of the beeswax filling.

6,500-Year Old Beeswax May Be Oldest Known Dental Filling

From the archives of an Italian museum, researchers may have found the oldest dental filling

America’s Issues with Voter Turnout Stretch Back More Than 200 Years

Since before the Revolutionary War, America has struggled with low voter turnout


Diamond Mines Are a Paleo-Climate Scientist’s Best Friend

A column of magma worked its way up from the mantle and drilled its way to the surface, bedazzling itself with diamonds that it picked up along the way

Doctors Warned Life Expectancy Could Go Down, And It Did

Some groups of Americans have actually seen their expected lifespans decline


Women Are Still Discriminated Against in Science

A recent study in PNAS suggests that, at least when it comes to science, gender bias is still going strong


The Hobbit You Grew Up With Isn’t Quite the Same As the Original, Published 75 Years Ago Today

The Hobbit was first published 75 years ago today - and it wasn't exactly the way you remember it

Sea Ice Extent

After Summer Cyclone, Arctic Sea Ice Reaches New Low

On September 16, sea ice reached record lows in the Arctic, covering an area of just 3.41 million square kilometers or 1.32 million square miles


Artist Builds House, Invites Partiers to Trash It

Can a party ever be art?


The NFL’s Replacement Refs Are Changing the Odds for Gamblers

Gambling on NFL games is a huge industry, full of people making wagers on who will win this weekend, and the new referees are introducing a new set of probabilities


These Thin Sections of Rock Look Like Beautiful Stained Glass

The beautiful MicROCKScopica project was created by Bernardo Cesare, a professor of petrology and a photographer, who combined his talents in an absolutely stunning way


Does This Cat Know When You’re Going to Die?

Oscar the cat seems to know who will die and when - or perhaps he's just looking for someone to pet him


This Robot Is Made Entirely of Paper And It Can Walk

This guy built a whole robot out of paper, and it actually works

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