Coconut Shell Contraption Turns Your Bicycle Into a Monty Python Skit

This bicycle-mounted coconut holder lets you pretend you’re riding a horse

Across the U.S., fueled by infrastructure and policy changes to get people cycling and tipped by high gas prices, biking is making a comeback. But with so many cyclists taking to the streets, something must be done to help set yourself apart as the unique individual that you are. Enter Trotify, a coconut-holding attachment that gives your two wheels a certain equestrian air.


he flat-packed laser-cut wooden contraption fits on the front brake mount of your bike and with a little assembly, a coconut, and a sense of humor, can create the sound of a trotting horse as you pedal.

The invention is reminiscient of the work of a certain British comedy troupe who once went on a quest for the Holy Grail.

Trotify In The Wild
Monty Python-Coconuts

The coconut-horse-bicycle machine will come sans coconut. But, fortunately, the chaps at Monty Python have helpful step-by-step instructions to help you achieve your goal.

Monty Python Coconut

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