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Round Three: Drills vs. Insanely Thick Antarctic Ice. Fight!

The hunt for microbial life in Antarctic subglacial lakes continues. Now it's the American's turn


More Soldiers Die From Suicide Than Fall in Combat

In 2012, 349 active-duty servicemembers took their own lives


Romans Did All Sorts of Weird Things in The Public Baths—Like Getting Their Teeth Cleaned

For ancient Romans enjoying a day at the bathhouse, the list of items lost to drains includes jewelry, scalpels, teeth, needles and plates

Monopoly Tokens Are Being Updated, And Your Favorite One Could Get the Ax

On February 5, players may have a Monopoly identity crisis as one of the classic Monopoly pieces is sent to jail for good


Ask Smithsonian 2017

Why Are Chimpanzees Stronger Than Humans?

Chimps are far stronger than we are - but why?


Doomed Satellite’s Final Act Was To Film the Moon’s Surface From Just 30,000 Feet Above

Get a jet airliner's view of the surface of the Moon


Cardboard Cockroach Is the Fastest, Creepiest Robot in the World

The cardboard cockroach can sprint up to 7 miles per hour on its spindly little legs, using them much as an actual cockroach does


Texas’ New Library Won’t Have Any Books

In San Antonio, an entirely bookless library system

Brazilian Waxes Could Make Pubic Lice Go Extinct

Without pubic hair, people are that much safer from pubic lice

Can You Make Tea Out of Coffee?


Scientists Finally Figure Out How Squids Mate

There are all sorts of animals that we actually have never seen get it on. Squid used to be one of them


One Man’s Seven-Year March Along Ancient Migration Routes

This past Sunday, journalist Paul Salopek began his walk from Ethiopia to Patagonia

A female H. floresiensis recreation from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Flores Hobbits Were Sort of Like Humans, Sort of Like Chimps, Sort of Like Tolkien’s Fantasy Beings

Archaeologists are slowly bringing "the Hobbit Human" to light as new bones turn up

Dyscalculia, Like Dyslexia for Numbers, Could Explain Why You Suck at Math

For some, knowing whether 5 is greater than 2 is a difficult task

Mouse Moms Force Mouse Dads To Care for Their Kids

Female mice have tricks for encouraging the otherwise absentee father of their offspring to care and get involved in child-tending

Apophis is the little dot in the circle.

Earth Escapes Most Dangerous Asteroid (That We Know About)

Once given a 1-in-45 chance of smacking into the Earth, the odds are now effectively zero


Preparing for a Mission to Mars Is Dangerously Boring

One of the biggest challenges to a Mars mission is just how long it takes to get there


Americans Are Drinking More Booze And Less Milk And Juice

Maybe it's the economy, or the current state of politics, or the recent boy band resurgence - but for whatever reason, Americans are putting down the milk and picking up the wine glass


The Flu That’s Laying the Country Low Waited Nine Years to Strike

It's flu season again, but this year the bug going around isn't just your average illness


The Baseball Hall of Fame Will Be Missing Some of Baseball’s Best Players Ever

For just the second time in forty years, not a single player was inducted this year. Not Barry Bonds, not Roger Clemes, not Sammy Sosa—nobody

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