Will We Be Able to Prevent an Asteroid Strike and More Questions From Our Readers

Does lightning strike ships at sea and why does American English differ from British English?

A dark Manhattan after Superstorm Sandy

Can We Ever Stop Worrying About Blackouts?

Only if utility companies are able to make their power grids smart enough to spot outages and "heal" themselves


Are We Headed for Another Dust Bowl?

The devastating drought of the 1930s forever changed American agriculture. Could those conditions return?

Dr. Edward Arnett (in the orange vest), a scientist with Bat Conservation International and his bat-finding labrador retriever accompany plant manager Chris Long at the Casselman Wind Power Project in Pennsylvania.

Can Wind Power Be Wildlife Friendly

New research aims to stop turbines from killing bats and birds

Bar pilots risk life and limb to guide ships across the "Graveyard of the Pacific."

Steering Ships Through a Treacherous Waterway

Braving storms with high seas a group of elite ship pilots steers tankers and freighters through the Columbia River

Listen, the Snow Is Falling

Madeleine Nash

Interview with J. Madeleine Nash, Author of "Storm Warnings"

Nash, a science reporter, discusses her most thrilling weather experience, and her fascination with the scariest forces of nature


Interview with Louise Erdrich

Erdrich speaks about notable weather, Wal-Mart and writing


People of the Reindeer

Khanty reindeer herders of northwestern Siberia have fought cold weather and foreign incursions for centuries, but these people may not weather the storm


Stormy Weather - Live!

Everyone talks about the weather the people at the Weather Channel live it 24 hours a day


Let it Snow

Ski resorts have snowmaking down to a science – now sometimes the real stuff gets in the way

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