There is A Scientific Reason That Cold Weather Could Cause Colds

The rhinovirus that most commonly causes colds likes chillier temperatures, where the host's immune system doesn't fare so well

A summer thunderstorm in Utah

Cloud Seeding Study Suggests We Could Boost Rain And Snow by 15 Percent

After comparing the effect of cloud seeding generators on snowfall in two nearby mountain ranges, researchers think a program might help

A Megalodon tooth -- not the one found recently in California

Fossil Hunting Is Best After Big Storms

California’s storms unearthed treasures along beaches and in foothills including a Megolodon tooth and a Steller’s sea cow ribs

Even A/C Can't Keep Our Economies From Slacking Off on Hot Days

As global warming turns up the temperature on the planet, it's going to be tougher to get anything done

Typhoons Saved 13th Century Japan From Invasion

Geologic evidence supports historic accounts of the great "Kamikaze" of 1274 and 1281


Butter And Olive Oil Prices Spike

The world is about to become much less tasty

A scene from a lake-effect snow storm last year in Evans, New York

After the Storm: Floods of Dumped Milk And Melting Snow in Western New York

More than five feet of snow, and up to eight in some places, over such as short time period is a lot to deal with

This Awesome Synthesizer Turns the Weather Into Song

Hear the pitter-patter of rain in a new way

This F3 twister in Kansas was part of a mini-outbreak of tornadoes in 2004.

Tornadoes Are Now Ganging Up in the United States

Twisters are not increasing in numbers but they are clustering more often, a bizarre pattern that has meteorologists stumped

The World Experienced Record-Breaking Weather This August

Last month was the warmest August on record since record-keeping began

In the public imagination, heat waves remain a B-list natural disaster.

Forecasters Will Soon Be Able to Predict Heat Waves Weeks in Advance

In the public imagination, heat waves remain a B-list natural disaster, but in reality, they are deadly

A NASA satellite image shows Hurricane Iselle approaching Hawaii, with Hurricane Julio hot on its heels.

What Happens When a Hurricane Meets a Volcano?

When Iselle crosses the Big Island of Hawaii, it will offer a rare glimpse at a clash of the titans

Satellite view of Hurricanes Iselle (left) and Julio (right) approaching Hawaii. From NASA's Aqua satellite

Hawaii Braces for Two Hurricanes—Its First in 22 Years

Hawaii doesn't see direct hits from hurricanes very often

Two hurricanes, Iselle and Julio, that could hit Hawaii this weekend (seen here in a satellite image captured August 4) may have been influenced by an El Niño developing in the Pacific.

Ancient Clam Shells Show That What Drives El Niño Is Still Unclear

Earth’s path around the Sun may play a role, but other factors are still unknown

Without Oceans, Earth-Like Life Probably Can’t Evolve on Other Planets

It's not all about the planet's distance from its star, as researchers previously thought

Revenge of the Polar(esque) Vortex

Questions remain as to whether the coming cold snap is a true polar vortex, but either way, the eastern U.S. is about to get much colder

In cities, where the urban heat island effect can raise the local temperature several degrees higher than nearby rural areas, summer is a time to cool off wherever you can.

Why the City Is (Usually) Hotter than the Countryside

The smoothness of the landscape and the local climate—not the materials of the concrete jungle—govern the urban heat island effect, a new study finds


Here Comes Hurricane Arthur—the First Storm of the Season

Hurricane Arthur won't be particularly strong, but a storm on Independence Day isn't great news

Double Tornadoes Aren't Particularly Rare, But Yesterday's Was Remarkable

Double, triple, quad and quintuple tornadoes are more common than you'd think

Residents walk near a destroyed house after a landslide in Teresopolis January 15, 2011.

Deadly Flooding Hits Brazil Two Days Before World Cup Begins

Flooding in southeastern Brazil has killed at least nine

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