Use This Map to Track the Snowfall and Social Media Buzz Around the Northeast Blizzard

Weather alerts and media streams can keep you up to date on the full extent of the nor’easter

The upcoming, mammoth winter storm Juno, is forecast to hit the East Coast Monday afternoon and expected to cover parts of the region with up to three feet of snowfall. Also projected: strong gusts of wind reaching 55 m.p.h. and chilly temperatures in the low to mid-20s. The National Weather Service (NWS) has even issued an aggressive warning to the New York City area specifically, terming the storm, “potentially historic.”

Meteorologists project the snow continuing throughout Monday evening to early Wednesday, affecting everywhere from Maryland to Indiana, with Philadelphia, New England, New York and New Jersey likely among the hardest hit. Reports indicate there could be 2+ inches expected per hour during peak snowfall times. Many airlines including Delta, Southwest and American are also restricting and cancelling flights in the area as a response to the inclement weather. Trains, depending on location, may also be impacted.

Cities around the Northeast have heavy-duty preparations at the ready, including fleets of snowplows and gallons of rock salt, in order to respond quickly and efficiently to the blizzard. Government officials and the NWS caution citizens to stay home if possible, especially since snow-filled winds will reduce visibility on the roads. The storm is expected to be its fiercest Tuesday morning with lingering effects until Wednesday. 

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