Cognitive Scientists Question a Journal's Gender Balance

A major journal publishes a special issue with a striking lack of women authors

Scientists use underwater vehicles like these to study eruptions beneath the surface.

This is What An Underwater Volcano Sounds Like

Decoding the noises of magma and bubbles will help scientists study explosions from afar

There Might Really Be a Planet X, Lurking Beyond Pluto

The far reaches of our own solar system could contain worlds undiscovered.

Ice cores in Colorado are stored in a freezer at -33F. The core pictured here is from Greenland.

Ice Scientists of the Future Will Study Glaciers That No Longer Exist

Glaciologists are stocking up on ice cores to ensure a future for their field

This track pad fits on your thumbnail, and can be customized with nail stickers.

This Tiny Trackpad Fits on a Fingernail

But why would you actually want one?

Actress Jodi Foster in 1985 with an interactive Mickey Mouse created the old fashioned way.

Disney's Getting Into 3D-Printing Soft, Cuddly Things

The world of cartoons is going to get a little realer

Nine Out of Ten Americans Consider Themselves Middle Class

In a day and age when teens are tasked with picking multimillion dollar dream homes, it's not hard to see why

A Smart Algorithm Looked at 16 Billion Emails, And Here Is What It Learned

When you respond to an email, you mirror the sender's email style

What Would Closing the Wage Gap Mean?

The effects for single moms and racial minorities would be particularly significant

Yes, Facebook is Making You Sad

Stop comparing your life to flattering photos and carefully-crafted status updates

The observatory atop Mauna Kea

Hawaiians Are Protesting Construction of the World’s Largest Telescope

Native Hawai'ian activists say the volcano-top project is damaging sacred lands

A Plan for a Robot Who Can Impersonate Your Mom

Google has a patent for artificial intelligence with a personality -- and that patent might not be a good idea

Here's Why You Wince at Wasabi

The structure will help researchers understand pain— and create drugs that could suppress it.

Who wouldn't love that face?

Lady Wolf Spiders Use Silk to Flirt

Counter to the common wisdom, it’s not just males that do the pursuing

The Sun Has Seasons

And you thought it was just "hot"

Drones to Plant 1 Billion Seeds in a Year (Hopefully)

Reforestation by machines is cool, but it won’t save the planet


Meet a Hermit Crab Who Has Shacked Up in a Lego

Weird things can become home sweet home when you are a tiny soft crustacean

Yet Another Reason Not to Smoke: It Gives Superbugs Superpowers

Antibiotic resistant bacteria even more resistant in the presence of cigarette smoke

A Simple Way to Reduce Car Crashes: Start the High School Day Later

A later roll-call time for teens also means improved health, mood, and grades

Light Therapy May Work on Chronic Mood Disorders, Too

Sitting under fake sun could help heal chronic depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, too

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