The Middle East Just Lived Through One of the Hottest Days in History

An Iranian city logged a 165-degree heat index last week as temperatures continue to boil

This Video of Lightning in Slow Motion is Strangely Entrancing

Hypnotize yourself with lightning at 2,000 frames per second

There’s Still (Filthy, Disgusting, Not-Yet-Melted) Snow in Boston Right Now

The detritus of Boston’s most severe winter ever has yet to melt away

A man cools off using a water pipe at a train station in Allahabad, India.

A Heat Wave Has Killed Over 1,100 People in India

Scorching temperatures are having a disproportionate affect on the poor

There Will Be an Extra Week of Summer This Year

Cultural summer ensures 106 days of fun in the sun

When Did Americans Lose Their British Accents And More Questions From Our Readers

You asked, we answered

Lightning crackles across the sky over Canyonlands National Park in Utah.

Rockets and Microphones Reveal the First Images of Thunder

The acoustic visuals could help us better understand the physical processes that drive lightning strikes

How Do Seals Find Their Prey and More Questions From Our Readers

You asked, we answered

The Sun Has Seasons

And you thought it was just "hot"

3D Printing Could Help Developing Countries Predict Natural Disasters

The development of more affordable, 3D printed equipment could save lives

A close-range view of a landspout tornado in western Kansas, 2008.

Why Forecasters Were Once Banned From Using the Word “Tornado”

Before meteorologists developed reliable prediction techniques, the t-word was off the table

"The show was another spectacular one! Reds and greens and yellows! The sky has just been on fire!" the photographer enthuses on

Severe Solar Storm Paints the Sky Green on St. Patrick's Day

A burst of particles from the sun is hitting our atmosphere and lighting up the night as far south as Illinois

Smog over Shanghai

China’s Smog Might Be to Blame for the East Coast’s Rough Winter

A NASA visualization shows how particles from East Asia can swirl into Pacific storms—a source of precipitation for the U.S.

A large band of warmer than average sea surface temperatures, an indicator of El Niño, stretches across the Pacific

Gear Up for a Scorcher of a Year: El Niño Has Officially Arrived

It’s later than usual and weak, but definitely here

The First Photos of Free-Falling Snowflakes Reveal Their Imperfections

Collisions in mid-air often produce ice crystal aggregates, rather than single symmetrical flakes

Skiing toward the breaking waves on a slush-covered beach.

How "Slurpee" Waves Formed Along a Nantucket Beach

New England's record cold created the perfect conditions for waves of slush, offering an unusual opportunity to ski on the beach

See the Winter of Our Discontent…From Space

NASA photo of the eastern United States confirms it’s really, really cold out there

Spire’s Austin Ellis shows off a satellite frame at Spire's San Francisco headquarters. Components, like the weather sensor, stack on top of each other inside the frame. Solar panels and antennae fold out from the frame once the device is in orbit.

New Satellite Network Launching This Year Aims to Improve Weather Forecasting

With a network of compact, low-cost weather satellites with smartphone-like internals, startup Spire plans to make future forecasts a lot more reliable

The Hopkins' Rose nudibranch, or pink sea slug.

What’s Causing California’s Bright Pink Sea Slug Bloom?

They might be fun to look at, but they're not necessarily good news


Use This Map to Track the Snowfall and Social Media Buzz Around the Northeast Blizzard

Weather alerts and media streams can keep you up to date on the full extent of the nor'easter

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