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Twelve Dead In Colorado Theater Shooting

3 Ways Emergency Preparedness Is Like Wedding Planning

Last week, the CDC released its Wedding Day Survival Plan, a document which reads like a natural disaster preparedness checklist

$2 Million in Ivory Seized From Manhattan Jewelers

Two New York City jewelers, caught with $2 million worth of illegal ivory, plead guilty to charges of commercializing wildlife

For Coal Miners, Back to Black Lungs

An American flag waving in Andover, Maine. This was the first video ever transmitted by commercial satellite.

Fifty Years Ago, Lyndon Johnson Answered the First Satellite Phone Call

Telstar 1, which launched 50 years ago today, was the world's first commercial satellite, and a testament to government-industry cooperation


This One Beautiful Video Sums Up All of Space Shuttle History

Oscar Pistorius

Double-Amputee Oscar Pistorius Will Compete In Olympics 400 Meter Race Without Qualifying

More than 18,000 acres burned in Waldo Canyon.

Here’s What $110 Million in Fire Damage Looks Like

The Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado was the most destructive in the state's history

Karl Marx

Marxism Is Cool Again


North Carolina Rep Pushes Wrong Button and Approves Fracking in the State

Fracking can go ahead in North Carolina, all because one tired legislator pushed the wrong button


Today is Actually the 1700th Anniversary of the Bikini, not the 66th

July 5th, 1946 is classically regarded as the birth date of what we now call the bikini. But that version of history misses the long view


What if Newton’s Principia Mathematica, Published Today, Had Been in Comic Sans?

The rage over CERN's font choice drives the question: How would the world have reacted to Newton's world-changing tome had Comic Sans existed at the time?

Goodness gracious, a great ball of fire

17 Minutes of Fireworks Go Off in 15 Seconds

Yesterday, in the San Diego Bay, a fireworks show meant to last 17 minutes went off in 15 seconds

Why We Set Off Fireworks on the Fourth of July

Because we always have


Chimps Celebrate the End of a Research Era

How Spray-On Everything Could Radically Transform Manufacturing


A Little Perspective: Congress First Mandated Health Care in 1798

Head of World’s Largest Oil Company Suggests Climate Change is No Big Deal

Speaking to the non-profit think tank Council on Foreign Relations, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson said that preventing climate change will be “manageable.”

America’s Other (Lady) Audubon

The Colorado Springs fire has forced the evacuation of 32,000 residents.

Devastating Colorado Wildfires Most Recent in Decades-Long Surge

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