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North Carolina Rep Pushes Wrong Button and Approves Fracking in the State

Fracking can go ahead in North Carolina, all because one tired legislator pushed the wrong button


Today is Actually the 1700th Anniversary of the Bikini, not the 66th

July 5th, 1946 is classically regarded as the birth date of what we now call the bikini. But that version of history misses the long view


What if Newton’s Principia Mathematica, Published Today, Had Been in Comic Sans?

The rage over CERN's font choice drives the question: How would the world have reacted to Newton's world-changing tome had Comic Sans existed at the time?

Goodness gracious, a great ball of fire

17 Minutes of Fireworks Go Off in 15 Seconds

Yesterday, in the San Diego Bay, a fireworks show meant to last 17 minutes went off in 15 seconds

Why We Set Off Fireworks on the Fourth of July

Because we always have


Chimps Celebrate the End of a Research Era

How Spray-On Everything Could Radically Transform Manufacturing


A Little Perspective: Congress First Mandated Health Care in 1798

Head of World’s Largest Oil Company Suggests Climate Change is No Big Deal

Speaking to the non-profit think tank Council on Foreign Relations, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson said that preventing climate change will be “manageable.”

America’s Other (Lady) Audubon

The Colorado Springs fire has forced the evacuation of 32,000 residents.

Devastating Colorado Wildfires Most Recent in Decades-Long Surge


Nora Ephron, 71, Was Good At Endings

Nora Ephron died last night at 71, of pneumonia brought on by acute myeloid leukemia


With No Human Supervision, 16,000 Computers Learn to Recognize Cats


Two Women Finish Olympic 100 Meter Trial At Exactly the Same Thousandth of a Second


Saudis to Send Women to London Olympics After All

In 45 States, It’s Illegal to Keep Your HIV Status Secret


The Last of His Kind, Tortoise Lonesome George Dies, Leaving No Offspring

A Midwest field circa 1936

70 Percent of Illinois Is In A Drought (And It’s Better Off Than Indiana)

Mining operations near Longyan, Fujian Province, China.

High-Tech’s Crucial Rare Earth Elements Are Already Running Low

One day, the sun will set for good on Lanai, Hawaii.

Does Larry Ellison Know His $600 Million Island Is Sinking?

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