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Remembering When JFK Sent Us to the Moon

President Kennedy bolstered American support for his mission to the Moon with a speech at Rice University in 1962


US Official Killed in Libya Mourned by Online Gaming Community

To friends around the world, fallen U.S. State Official was better known as "Vile Rat," his moniker in the online gaming community to which he was an avid participant

How an Obscure Video Sparked International Protests

Sam Bacile's movie was hardly seen at all in the United States, yet it incited a string of riots and the assassination of an American ambassador

Dirty Curiosity Rover Could Seed Mars With Earthly Bacteria

Curiosity is loaded with bacteria, and it could contaminate Mars

100 years ago, this would have been the only car fast enough to drive on Texas’ new highway.

100 Years Ago, Henry Ford Would Have Been The Only Driver on Texas’ New 85 MPH Highway

Texas' new highway will have a speed limit of 85 mph

Oil hangs in the water following the blow-out of the Macondo well, June 19, 2010.

How Scientists Know the Tar Balls Hurricane Isaac Dredged Up Came From the BP Oil Spill

Scientists confirm that oil strewn by hurricane Isaac derived from BP's blown-out Macondo well


Russian President Vladimir Putin Dressed Up Like a Bird and Tried to Lead a Flock of Migrating Cranes

With white suit and glider, Putin sought to lead a flock of Siberian cranes

Junk DNA Isn’t Junk, and That Isn’t Really News

News that about 80 percent of our DNA is functional might surprise some, but won't surprise geneticists

I see you.

Future Parents Will Always, Always Know Where Their Kids Are

There may be 70 million people tracking their family members through GPS-enabled phones in 2016

10,000 Yosemite Visitors May Have Been Exposed to Deadly Hantavirus

Up to 10,000 people who stayed in Yosemite National Park between June and August may have been exposed to a deadly, mouse-borne hantavirus

Happy 100th Birthday to John Cage, Who Made a Lot of People Angry

Sixty years ago, John Cage put on a performance of a piece called 4'33" or "four minutes, thirty-three seconds." Today would have been his birthday

Labor day parade, 1882

Labor Day’s Secret Society Connections

Add Labor Day to the vaulted hall of things concocted by secret societies, alongside Madonna's Superbowl performance and Pancho Villa's stolen skull


Thalidomide Manufacturer Finally Apologizes for Birth Defects, Survivors Say It’s Not Enough

The German drug company Grunenthal broke its fifty year silence about thalidomide recently, but survivors aren't satisfied


The Long History of Americans Debating Empty Chairs

The history of debating empty chairs stretches back to at least 1924

Some historic sites, like the Lincoln Memorial, are heavily photographed. But many other significant sites are generally overlooked.

Help Illustrate the Internet With Wikipedia’s Photo Contest

The Wikimedia Foundation is hosting a photo contest, and you could win a trip to Hong Kong

After a hurricane, you may be experiencing a few conflicting emotions.

“After the Storm” Workbook Helps Kids Deal with Hurricane Stress

The "After the Storm" workbook that helps parents sort out their kids' feelings following a potentially traumatic hurricane

Here’s How Hurricane Naming Works

Who gets to chose hurricane names, and how do they do it?


Playing Video Games At Home Turns 40

The Magnavox Odyssey went on sale 40 years ago, sparking the home video game revolution


Watch Hurricane Isaac Grow and Slam Into Louisiana

A range of satellites are set to watch Isaac, giving a step-by-step look into the storm's evolution


Neil Armstrong, the First Man to Walk on the Moon, Dies at 82

We remember the American icon

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