Equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville Must Remove Tarps from Confederate Statues, Judge Says

Two statues were covered in the wake of last year’s deadly rallies to mark a period of mourning

In August, protesters defaced Central Park's statue of J. Marion Sims, a 19th-century doctor who performed surgery on enslaved women without their consent

Controversial Statues in New York City Will Remain in Place With Added Historical Context

The J. Marion Sims statue is the only one the Mayor de Blasio task force recommended to be moved. It will go to the Brooklyn cemetery where he is buried

Ephraim McDowell is memorialized in the U.S. Capitol Statuary Hall Collection

This American Doctor Pioneered Abdominal Surgery by Operating on Enslaved Women

Glorified with a statue in the U.S. Capitol, Ephraim McDowell is a hero in Kentucky, but the full story needs to be told

Message From the Past Found Inside Spanish Statue of Jesus

A local chaplain wanted people from the future to know what crops his region grew, what games they played and what diseases they suffered

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
Date: c. 1870
Albumen silver print

Central Park Has No Monuments Dedicated to Real Women. That's About to Change

The future site was dedicated during the state's centennial of women's suffrage; the State of New York also will build two statues of suffrage leaders

The Old House Chamber has been used as National Statuary Hall since July 1864.

A Senator Speaks Out Against Confederate Monuments… in 1910

Alone in his stand, Weldon Heyburn despised that Robert E. Lee would be memorialized with a statue in the U.S. Capitol

The star of this dive was the discovery of a bronze arm, mottled from centuries underwater.

Antikythera Shipwreck Yields New Cache of Treasures, Hints More May Be Buried at Site

The discovery of an ancient bronze arm is a rare archaeological find

The Lion of Al-lāt in 2010

Ancient Statue Damaged by ISIS Resurrected in Damascus

Palmyra's Lion of Al-lāt, as the statue is known, once adorned the temple of a pre-Islamic goddess

A Russian scientific institute unveiled a statue in 2013 to an unsung hero of science - the lab mouse

This Russian Monument Honors the Humble Lab Mouse

A peculiar Russian monument praises the scientific achievements of a tiny mammal

Looking at the east frieze of the Confederate Monument at Arlington National Cemtery in Arlington, Virginia, in the United States

The Pernicious Myth of the ‘Loyal Slave’ Lives on in Confederate Memorials

Statues don’t need to venerate military leaders of the Civil War to promulgate false narratives

This moving bowl will soon commemorate German reunification in Berlin.

Germany Moves Forward with Controversial Monument to Reunification

The German Memorial to Freedom and Unity has a fraught history

This really old statue has a surprisingly modern tale to tell.

This 3,500-Year-Old Statue of a Syrian Refugee Remains One of Archaeology’s Most Important Finds

King Idrimi is getting digitized and his autobiography is as relevant as ever

Millicent Garrett Fawcett gives a speech in Hyde Park in 1913.

London's Parliament Square Will Get Its First Statue of a Woman

Suffragist leader Millicent Garrett Fawcett will join the ranks of 11 statesmen who have been honored with monuments there


Find Your 2,000-Year-Old Doppelgänger

Send the Musée de la Civilisation a photo, and it will match you with an ancient statue

Pedestrians walking by the the Dwarfs of Wroclaw on Świdnicka Street, the main shopping street in the city.

Where to Hunt for the World’s Smallest Monuments

Don't overlook these tiny statues in cities around the world

Why Is Pennsylvania Ave D.C.'s Main Thoroughfare and More Questions From Our Readers

Your questions answered by our experts

The original design patent for the Statue of Liberty included this image, which isn't the final picture of what it would look like, but shows how far Bartholdi's image was developed by the time he applied for the patent.

The Statue of Liberty Was Once Patented

Reading the original patent documents can help us learn more about this history of this American icon

After a 2011 version of this statue was installed outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul, they began to pop up around the world.

"Comfort Woman" Statue Stokes Old Tensions Between Japan and South Korea

She’s a silent reminder of the plight of hundreds of thousands of women forced into sexual slavery by Japan during World War II

Mohanda Gandhi, center, spent years living in South Africa where he worked as a lawyer.

Why a Ghanaian University Is Getting Rid of a Statue of Gandhi

The civil rights leader’s legacy is complicated

The statue of Lenin where it formerly stood on the roof of the Red Square building on E Houston Street.

A Statue of Lenin Has Finally Come Down from Red New York City

One of Manhattan’s strangest buildings has lost its mascot

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