Millicent Garrett Fawcett gives a speech in Hyde Park in 1913.

London's Parliament Square Will Get Its First Statue of a Woman

Suffragist leader Millicent Garrett Fawcett will join the ranks of 11 statesmen who have been honored with monuments there


Find Your 2,000-Year-Old Doppelgänger

Send the Musée de la Civilisation a photo, and it will match you with an ancient statue

Pedestrians walking by the the Dwarfs of Wroclaw on Świdnicka Street, the main shopping street in the city.

Where to Hunt for the World’s Smallest Monuments

Don't overlook these tiny statues in cities around the world

Why Is Pennsylvania Ave D.C.'s Main Thoroughfare and More Questions From Our Readers

Your questions answered by our experts

The original design patent for the Statue of Liberty included this image, which isn't the final picture of what it would look like, but shows how far Bartholdi's image was developed by the time he applied for the patent.

The Statue of Liberty Was Once Patented

Reading the original patent documents can help us learn more about this history of this American icon

After a 2011 version of this statue was installed outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul, they began to pop up around the world.

"Comfort Woman" Statue Stokes Old Tensions Between Japan and South Korea

She’s a silent reminder of the plight of hundreds of thousands of women forced into sexual slavery by Japan during World War II

Mohanda Gandhi, center, spent years living in South Africa where he worked as a lawyer.

Why a Ghanaian University Is Getting Rid of a Statue of Gandhi

The civil rights leader’s legacy is complicated

The statue of Lenin where it formerly stood on the roof of the Red Square building on E Houston Street.

A Statue of Lenin Has Finally Come Down from Red New York City

One of Manhattan’s strangest buildings has lost its mascot

Vanderbilt University's newly renamed "Memorial Hall."

Five Places Where Confederate Monuments Have Recently Disappeared (or Soon Will)

Vanderbilt University's decision to rename a building to "Memorial Hall" is just one of many ongoing efforts

The cover of Captain America Comics #1, by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Captain America Is Getting a Real-Life Statue, But Some Say It’s in the Wrong Place

Did Steve Rogers grow up in Brooklyn or the Lower East Side?

Five Landmarks Threatened by Climate Change

Will a warming planet destroy humankinds' most precious cultural treasures?

Watch a Statue of Lenin Being Torn Down in Real Time

It’s hard to topple a 66-foot statue—or contend with the symbols of Ukraine’s communist past

The Eleanor Roosevelt Monument in Riverside Park, New York, was dedicated at 72nd Street on October 5, 1996.

It's Way Too Hard to Find Statues of Notable Women in the U.S.

Only a handful of the country's sculptures honor women

The secretly-made 3D scan of Nefertiti's bust.

Thanks to Sneaky Scanners, Anyone Can 3D Print a Copy of Nefertiti’s Bust

Scans of the famous sculpture are free for the taking

This man needs a makeover.

The Lincoln Memorial Is Getting a Makeover

The four-year restoration will cost a pretty penny

A gold-painted statue of Chairman Mao has been erected in a remote part of central China.

Chinese Capitalists Built a Gigantic, Golden Statue of Chairman Mao

Like the Chairman's legacy, this 121-foot statue is hard to ignore

How many curls can you count?

A Buddha in Japan Is Missing Half of Its Curls

What happened to the Buddha of Nara's famous 'do?

The Statue of Liberty Was Originally a Muslim Woman

"The New Colossus" was actually born in Egypt

Central Park Has 22 Statues of Historical Figures. Every Single One is a Man.

Could a crusade to bring historic women into the park change the face of the city?

Pasquino in Rome

Have Something Rude to Say? Put it on This 2300-Year Old Statue in Rome

A cardinal started the tradition of decorating this statue with snarky poems and insults

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