The New Acropolis Museum opened on June 20, 2009, replacing its predecessor with a monumental space ten times the size.

Ancient Greece Springs to Life

Athens’ New Acropolis Museum comes to America in an exhibition highlighting treasures of antiquity

New extensive studies on Rearing Horse and Mounted Warrior have yielded evidence that supports the possibility that it was cast from an original Leonardo model.

Leonardo’s Horse?

New research may shed light on a nearly century-old theory that a sculpture thought to be ancient Greek may be da Vinci’s work


Statue of Liberty-West


Return of a Giant

A fully restored Vulcan—Birmingham, Alabama's 100-year-old statue— resumes it's rightful place in town

Franklin Roosevelt Memorial

Even Our Most Loved Monuments Had a Trial by Fire

Controversies like those swirling around the FDR Memorial are the rule when Americans try to agree on anything to be cast in bronze


Taking Liberties With An American Goddess

Mocked, martyred and marketed, our favorite statue is still hard at work "enlightening the world"

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