Heart Valves at the National Museum of American History

A Man With a Lot of Heart Valves Donates His Unusual Collection

Minneapolis entrepreneur Manny Villafana says his collection at the American History Museum is filled with stories of both failure and success

This Box Can Bring Dead Hearts Back To Life

The device could widen pool for heart transplants, but raises ethical questions

On August 29, 1985, Michael Drummond became the sixth person, and the youngest, to be implanted with an artificial heart.

Thirty Years Ago, an Artificial Heart Helped Save a Grocery Store Manager

The Smithsonian, home to the Jarvik 7 and a host of modern chest-pumping technologies, has a lot of (artificial) heart

Tiny Robots Can Clear Clogged Arteries

Engineers at Drexel University are developing micro-swimmers that loosen arterial plaque and release drugs into the bloodstream to prevent future buildup

Imagining the future of artificial hearts.

Help for the Brokenhearted: Wearable, Biosynthetic and 'Beatless' Artificial Hearts

Cow-machine hybrids and continuous-flow technologies are helping people survive devastating heart failure

Trained in CPR? This Life-Saving App Could Make You a Superhero

When someone is experiencing cardiac arrest, PulsePoint sends alerts to CPR-certified invidividuals nearby

The Eko Core Bluetooth-enabled stethoscope accessory will let doctors share heart sounds for virtual consultations.

This Smart Stethoscope Attachment Could Lead to More Accurate Diagnoses

Eko Core clips on to existing stethoscopes and lets physicians share heart sounds through their smartphones and the Web

New devices like FreeWavz are taking headphones to another level.

These Ear Buds Will Play Music and Track Your Heart Rate

Wristbands get all the attention, but souped-up earpieces can do a better job of tracking your body metrics when you work out

Fish Oil Could Be a Modern-Day Snake Oil

The premise that fish oil is good for your heart is based on questionable data

Zebrafish embryo

A Scan of a Mechanical Heart Pump Fitted in a Live Human and Other Eerily Beautiful Scientific Images

From a photo of a tick biting flesh to a closeup of a kidney stone, the 18 winners of the 2014 Wellcome Image Awards highlight objects we don't usually see

This "heart sock" is dotted with sensors that can detect the intricate inner workings of the heart.

This Wearable 'Heart Sock' May Someday Save Lives

Inventors say a new device can detect irregularities and even intervene before heart attacks turn deadly

The Carmat artificial heart features sensors to monitor and adjust blood flow depending on the body's demands.

The World's First True Artificial Heart Now Beats Inside a 75-Year-Old Patient

The two-pound Carmat heart quickens or slows blood flow based on a person's physical activity

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