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The company has chosen the MV Lara for the 36-month journey.

Would You Spend Three Years Living on a Cruise Ship?

Some enthusiasts are selling their homes in preparation, while others have balked at the risks

One of the many Edicaran biota fossils within the bounds of Nilpena Ediacara National Park, which is now open in South Australia.

The World's Newest National Park Protects 550-Million-Year-Old Fossils

The 148,000-acre Nilpena Ediacara National Park in South Australia is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of life's evolution on Earth

Agnieszka Pilat has been creating art using Boston Dynamics' robot dogs for years.

These Robot Dogs Are Learning to Paint. Soon, You Can Watch Them Work

Agnieszka Pilat and her automated artists will be featured in the National Gallery of Victoria's Triennial

A golden wattle plant in bloom in Australia's Western Desert

50,000-Year-Old Campfires Reveal the Deep Historical Roots of Australia's National Flower

Australian wattle or acacia plants were used as firewood by ancient people navigating the harsh climes of the Western Desert, new research finds

In addition to its school-bus-length wingspan, the creature had a three-foot-long skull with a pointed snout and around 40 sharp teeth.

Giant, Dragon-Like, Flying Reptile Fossil Discovered in Australia

A rare specimen reveals a new species of pterosaur with a staggering 23-foot wingspan

McCubbin's Found spent 115 years hidden beneath the surface of The Pioneer, a 1904 painting widely heralded as one of Australia's greatest masterpieces.

Missing Australian Masterpiece Spent 115 Years Hiding in Plain Sight

Impressionist Frederick McCubbin painted "The Pioneer" (1904) over an earlier work titled "Found"

Artist Jason deCaires Taylor's “Ocean Siren” changes color according to the average daily water temperatures measured at Davies Reef on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Recently, marine heatwaves have wreaked havoc on the Great Barrier Reef, causing the most widespread bleaching ever recorded.

This Sculpture Takes the Great Barrier Reef’s Temperature

'Ocean Siren' changes colors in real time to reflect ocean temperatures at Davies Reef, part of Australia’s ailing Great Barrier Reef

Blazes at Budj Bim National Park in southeastern Australia unearthed a previously unknown channel.

Australian Bushfires Reveal Hidden Sections of Ancient Aquaculture System

The eel-farming system of the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape is older than both Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids

An endangered White's seahorse.

Undersea 'Hotels' Deployed to Help Sydney's Endangered Seahorses

Captive breeding and microhabitats may help restore White's seahorse whose population plummeted 90 percent in the last decade

Baby wombat and mother on Maria Island.

You Can Visit This Australian Island, but Only if You Pledge to Skip the Wombat Selfie

The marsupials on Maria Island are so docile, tourism officials are asking the public to stop getting so close

Archaeologists unearthed the rotting teeth during construction of a new metro line in Melbourne, Australia

Archaeological Dig at Australian Metro Station Unearths 1,000 Human Teeth

A local dentist probably flushed the molars down the toilet or discarded them with his trash

A close-up of the stems and optical fibers used to illuminate Field of Light

Stunning 'Field of Light' Surrounds Iconic Australian Rock

As the Sun sets at Uluru, a landscape of lit glass flowers awakens

A carving of a wallaby, representing the Rainbow Serpent.

A Guided Tour of Australia's Blue Mountains Follows Ancient Aboriginal Songlines

Yanna Muru’s walkabouts to sacred sites teach visitors about Darug culture

Discover Ancient Rock Art in Australia's Northern Territory

These ancient canvases represent some of the oldest historical records of any group of people in the world


10 Must-Do Experiences in Australia’s Northern Territory

From massive crocodiles, to waterfalls and ancient Aboriginal art, the Top End offers something for every traveler


Discover Australia's Top End: A Five-Day Itinerary

From massive crocodiles, to waterfalls and ancient Aboriginal art, the Top End offers something for every traveler

Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal

Charming and Unusual Bookstores Around the World

Curl up with a new book—or catch a reading or concert—at these thriving independent bookstores from Mexico City to Melbourne

Lighting the sails at the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney's Spectacular Technicolor Art Festival in Nine Mesmerizing GIFs

3-D digital light projections and interactive sound sculptures transform famous landmarks around Australia's largest city


Snapshot: Adelaide, South Australia

Down Under's unofficial capital of food and drink

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