October 2019

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privately built suit

The 21st Century Moon Suit

The date for the next lunar landing has been set, but the astronauts don’t have a thing to wear.

Persian Gulf C-2A Greyhound

The Greyhound and the Osprey

Farewell to the Grumman C-2 Greyhound, which has been running supplies at sea for more than 50 years.

YL-15 Scout

The Only Flying YL-15 Scout

And what, you ask, is a YL-15 Scout?

NASA rocket

Return from a Martian Crater

NASA has spent decades sending probes to other planets. Now it’s trying to go the other way.

Munich Airport summer event

Welcome to the Airport

Some are no longer just the beginning or end of a journey. They’re destinations unto themselves.

TWA Hotel’s Sunken Lounge

Trans World Hotel

Where else can you find a Lockheed Constellation turned into a cocktail lounge?

engineer inspected captured Bachem Ba 349

World War II’s Worst Airplane

The product of an ambitious designer and a doomed regime, the Bachem Ba 349 Natter was a radical idea that almost worked.



An Early Start in STEM

From the Director of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

Up to Speed

Scouting the Cosmos

A new way to encourage young women to learn about stars and exoplanets.

Up to Speed

Safe Landing

Road trip for an A-7D.

Up to Speed

A Small Success Story

The latest mission, in August 2019, lofted four satellites for the U.S. Air Force and private companies.

Up to Speed

Enemy Drones Won’t Find Safety in Numbers

It even has a cool name: THOR

Up to Speed

Who Was Frank Malina?

A new book examines the controversial life of Frank Malina, who co-founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

I Was There

My Flight with a Legend

He didn’t miss flying? How could that be?

At the Museum

Handle With Care

What it took to get the Concorde safely inside the National Air and Space Museum.


Going Places in a Herk

“When you’re working, you don’t feel like you’re working.”


Just the Right Word

And he got it from an unlikely, although unknown, source.

Reviews & Previews

How Dangerous Are Asteroids?

A new book explains the risk, tells us about the scientists tracking near-Earth asteroids, and offers advice on how to defend the planet.

Ideas That Defy

Sally Ride's Jacket

What the first American woman in space wore to work.