Munich Airport’s two-day summertime Music and Family Days celebration lures up to 25,000 visitors per day with theme-park style rides and musical performances, along with the chance to ogle modern and vintage airplanes.

Airports You’d Actually Like to Visit

Some are no longer just the beginning or end of a journey. They’re destinations unto themselves.

The futuristic art above won’t become real for the commercial crew missions. Time and money constraints led SpaceX to abandon propulsive landing for its Crew Dragon.

How to Land a Spaceship

The new U.S. astronaut taxis won't roll to a gentle stop.

Former missileer Tory Bruno now oversees his company’s line of Delta and Atlas rockets.

Tory Bruno, the Other Rocket Man

ULA’s boss doesn’t want SpaceX to have all the fun.

Geysers of water spray out from the south pole of Saturn's moon Enceladus. Where there's water, could there be life?

Looking for Life Among the Gas Giants

The search for signs of biology on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Politics delayed the mission, but the spacecraft, with a new focus and the new name DSCOVR, will launch in 2015.

Al Gore’s Satellite

It’s almost ready for launch—even if no one wants to take credit for its resurrection.

An F-16 with the Arizona National Guard.

Would a Fighter Pilot Shoot Down a Private Airplane?

Interceptions over restricted airspace—mostly of innocent civilians—are more common than you’d think

The first three paying astronauts (left to right, Greg Olsen, Mark Shuttleworth, and Dennis Tito) found that comfort was not guaranteed with their tickets. Enduring the rigors of spaceflight that professionals do was yet another price to pay.

Space Trippers

Did the first paying guests aboard the international space station get their $20 million worth?


Aiming for Arkalyk

Why cosmonauts returning from space face a chilly reception.

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