Curators' Corner

Secretary S. Dillon Ripley (on his farm in 1984) enjoyed diffusing knowledge.

From the Castle: Forward Thinking

The Smithsonian enters a new era of expansion—on the Web

Anthropologist Bruno Frohlich with a 1920 Czech viola at the National Museum of Natural History.

Scanning a Stradivarius

Medical 3-D imaging makes it possible to study the world's greatest stringed instruments – and uncover the secrets of its makers

To underscore the transitory nature of material life, Tibetan monks poured their mandala into the Potomac.

How Do Smithsonian Curators Decide What to Collect?

The Star Spangled Banner and John Glenn's spacesuit were clearly musts. Other artifacts are less obvious


Remembering Pearl Harbor


Rodents of Unusual Size Do Exist

Merchant seaman Waldemar Semenov used this compass to steer toward safety.

A Compass Saves the Crew

A WWII sailor's memento recalls the harrowing ordeal when his ship, the SS Alcoa Guide, was struck by a German U-Boat

Surprise!  It's the ants in the acacia that keep the grasslands healthy.

From the Castle

Smithsonian 2.0


Secret Message Found in Lincoln's Watch


Sneak Peek at the film Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian


'South Park' Hits the Natural History Museum, Aims for the Hope Diamond

"About Last Night" South Park episode sheds light on the recent election


Demystifying the Doctor: Government-Sponsored Art Comes To a Coffee Shop Near You

The Greensboro Woolworth's Lunch Counter, desegregated by a 1960 sit-in, anchors a wing of the renovated museum.

From the Castle: History Ahead

A renovated National Museum of American History opens up American history and culture to millions of visitors


Answers to Last Week's Sesame Street Quiz


Zhang Huan and Groupthink


Calculating History



Readers Respond to the January Issue

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