Oto Gillen, “untitled, (Vanitas),” 2007, traditional chromogenic print, mat board, UV glass, mahogany, screws

Snack on This: One Curator Has Devoted a Whole Show to Pizza Art

What is it about that slice of cheesy goodness that makes it such an appealing subject for these artists?

Museums Closed Due to Government Shutdown

All Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo are affected


The Human Price of a Centuries-Old Vendetta

In Albania, the revival of a 15th-century code has trapped families in multigenerational blood feuds

Masons climb up the sides of the Great Mosque to replaster the surface with mud.

How the City of Mud Stays Standing: Meet the Masons of Djenné, Mali

A new exhibition at Natural History explores the ancient craft in a modern world

A new Dave Van Ronk compilation presents old favorites and never-before-heard tracks from 1959 to 2002.

Before You Go See Llewyn Davis, Go Inside Dave Van Ronk

The new Coen brothers film is based in part on the life and times of real-life folk musician Dave Van Ronk, the Mayor of MacDougal Street

24c Curtiss Jenny inverted block of four, 1918 This upside-down blue plane within a red frame is the most famous U.S. stamp and one of the world’s most famous printing errors. Only one misprinted sheet of 100 stamps was sold. Loan from William H. Gross.

World’s Largest Stamp Gallery to Open in Washington, D.C.

America's most famous stamp, the Inverted Jenny, goes on permanent view for the first time in history

This photo of a yellow goby appears in “Portraits of Planet Ocean: The Photography of Brian Skerry,” which opens in the Natural History Museum’s Sant Ocean Hall on Sept. 17.

New Exhibitions at the Ocean Hall Ask What You Can Do for Your Oceans

Three new exhibitions explore humans' relationship to the ocean


Bearing Witness to the Aftermath of the Birmingham Church Bombing

On September 15, 1963, four were killed in the Ku Klux Klan bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama

Panda Watch: It’s a Girl!

The National Zoo confirmed that Mei Xiang's cub is female

This professional look for Joan Harris was inspired by the character’s new position at the beginning of season six.

Go Behind the Styles With Mad Men’s Emmy-Nominated Costume Designer

Janie Bryant talks about her design process, her upcoming reality show and Bob Benson's shorts


The Art That is Hidden in Plain Sight

A Milan-based artistic duo uses color to reveal a series of dreamlike panoramas concealed in white light


New Video of Mei Xiang’s Squawking Baby Panda

The National Zoo's newest addition is already keeping mom up at night

The Ramos gin fizz gets its frothy top from several minutes of vigorous shaking.

Slurred Lines: Great Cocktail Moments in Famous Literature

Fancy drinks like the Gimlet and the Brandy Alexander have high class histories

Smithsonian Buddha. (Digital image courtesy of the Smithsonian. Text by Vick Gan.)

This Life-Size Sculpture Gives You a Map to the Buddhist Cosmos

Get an up-close look at the Smithsonian’s stunning Buddha

Go-go legend Chuck Brown poses on the Big Chair, a downtown Anacostia landmark.

Bust Loose at Chuck Brown Birthday Party at American Art Museum

The museum remembers D.C.'s own "Godfather of Go-Go" with a concert today

Eugene Allen, inspiration behind The Butler, poses for a portrait by Roland Freeman.

Hear From the Real Butler of the White House, Eugene Allen

Smithsonian Folkways interviewed the man who inspired the new film starring Forest Whitaker


Leonardo Da Vinci’s Studies on the Science of Flight Come to the Air and Space Museum

"Codex on the Flight of Birds" reveals the Renaissance man's fascination with flight

Still from Chinatown Abecedario: A Folk Taxonomy of L.A.’s Chinatown (HD video, 2012) by Audrey Chan

Beyond the Korean Taco: When Asian and Latino American Cultures Collide

Smithsonian Asian-Latino Festival debuts a pop-up art show on Aug. 6-7 in Silver Spring


Landscape Through a Car Window, Darkly

A new exhibition presents 1970s photography that challenged the traditional American landscape

Pete Seeger performs at a peace rally in New York City, 1965.

Give Peace a Listen with Smithsonian Folkways Magazine

The new issue covers peace songs and spoken word from around the world

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