Reuben Riffel on Becoming a Top Chef in Post-Apartheid South Africa

South African food culture fosters connection, he says

When Happy Hour Was "Green Hour" in Paris

When the clock struck five, 19th-century Parisians turned to absinthe

A Brief History of the Rumba

Born out of slavery in 19th-century Cuba, the lively music and dance form takes many shapes

Discover Cuba's Unspoiled Shores

Thanks in part to government conservation efforts, Cuba's 3,500 miles of coastline are a wealth of beauty and history

Charlie Chaplin eats his shoe in The Gold Rush (1925).

Charlie Chaplin's Gold Rush

Two decades after the Klondike Gold Rush, Chaplin recast the hardships of prospectors as comedy

A train heads to Seward, Alaska.

Guide to Awesome: 14 Reasons to Visit Alaska Now

From the tallest North American peak to the world’s largest bears, Alaska is home to unparalleled experiences

Secretary Sally Jewell

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell Explains Why Preserving Alaska's Wildness Is Essential

A former petroleum engineer, Jewell recognizes that balance is key to preserving Alaska for future generations

John McPhee

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author John McPhee Recalls Alaska Before Cell Phones, GPS and Most of Its National Parks

McPhee's trips to Alaska in the 1970s inspired his seminal outdoors narrative "Coming Into the Country" and helped launch his career

George Schaller

Longtime Conservationist George Schaller Is Still Fighting to Preserve the Last Frontier

Now is the time to protect Alaska's coastal plain, he urges

National Geographic Veteran Chris Johns on the Importance of National Parks and Documenting Climate Change in Alaska

Wild places heal both individuals and nations, he says

At Sky Hill, guests learn how to throw pottery and make sweet-scented hay by gathering grass into small heaps that will dry in the sun. Marius and Cornelia bought the land in 2006 and have used it to teach travelers of all ages about organic farming and construction.

Try Your Hand at Organic Farming in Southwest Romania

By hosting travelers, local farmers hope to reverse the impact of big industry

The Hollywood Bombshell Who Invented an Indispensable War Technology

In 1942, Hedy Lamarr received a patent for frequency hopping, but was told to devote her efforts elsewhere

Traveling to the Danube? Here's What You Should Read, Watch and Download

Know before you go

What to Read, Watch and Download Before Your Trip to India

Know before you go

In 1968, the Beatles ventured to the foothills of the Himalaya for a spiritual retreat.

How the Indian City of Rishikesh Influenced the Beatles' <i>White Album</i>

A meditation retreat in 1968 offered the British rock group heightened awareness and peace of mind

A man stretches into a west-facing extension known as paschimattanasana with his son perched on his back in padmasana, or lotus pose | Varanasi

Mind (and Body) Bending Photos Pay Homage to Yoga's Classical Lineage

Photographer Michael O'Neill spent a decade documenting the practice that saved his life

Before it departed from Abu Dhabi, the plane carried out an inaugural flight, taking off from the Payerne airport in Switzerland.

This Solar-Powered Plane is Currently Circumnavigating the World

With 17,000 solar cells in its wing and tail, the aircraft relies solely on sunshine to keep its motors running

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