The Aunslev Crucifix

Rare Crucifix Suggests Christianity May Have Come Earlier to the Vikings

The 10th-century Aunslev Crucifix is currently being analyzed by the Viking Museum at Ladby

Visit Richard III's Gravesite With This Bone Chilling 3D Model

The ruler's final resting spot is now publicly available for exploration online

The brown bear patella researchers dated to 12,500 years ago

Bear Bone Adds 2,500 Years to History of Humans in Ireland

Carbon dating of a bear bone covered in cut marks pushes human habitation of Ireland back into the Paleolithic Era

Some of the items found in the Watlington hoard including coins depicting Alfred the Great and Ceolwulf II together

Blokes with Metal Detectors Uncover Pieces of British History

Finds by amateur history sleuths shed light on the time when Anglo-Saxons clashed with Vikings

Storks Move to a Trashy Neighborhood

White storks in Portugal and Spain are forgoing thier annual migration to Africa to pig out in landfills

Figure from the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann, Germany

New Study Details Interbreeding of Ancient Humans With Evolutionary Cousins

Genetic analysis shows multiple periods of inbreeding—trysts that may have given ancient humans the genetic tools they needed to survive

Detail from King Tut's throne

New Evidence Shows King Tut's Tomb May Have Its Own Chamber of Secrets

Scans in the boy-king's tomb reveal there may be two rooms beyond its walls that contain metal and organic objects

Steamboat Willie, aka Mickey Mouse, one of the Disney animation cells protected from pollutants by a new artificial "nose"

A High-Tech "Nose" Will Protect Mickey Mouse and Simba During Their Visit to China

A new sensor detects tiny amounts of pollutants that can ruin artwork

William Heirens, aka The Lipstick Killer wrote this plea in lipstick on one of his victim's bedroom walls in 1946. It reads: For heavens sake catch me before I kill more/ I cannot control myself

CSI Sephora: New Technique Helps Identifiy Lipstick Brands From Crime Scenes

Researchers refine the way forensic technicians collect and analyze lipstick evidence

Some of the divers from Blue Water Recoveries excavating artifacts from the wreck of the Esmeralda

Found: 500-Year-Old Portuguese Shipwreck From Famed Explorer's Fleet

A warship from the famous navigator Vasco da Gama’s fleet has been excavated in the waters off Al Hallaniyah island in Oman

Maria Goeppert Mayer, co-winner of the 1963 Nobel Prize in Physics for her work on nuclear shell structures. She is just one of hundreds of women added to Wikipedia by the Wikiproject Women Scientists

How a College Student Led the WikiProject Women Scientists

Emily Temple-Wood's Women Scientist project is writing female researchers back into the conversation

Muggles Are Selling the Chair in Which 'Harry Potter' Was Created

The decorated dining room chair J.K. Rowling used to write her iconic novels is going on sale

An artist's rendering of the ESA's Trace Gas Orbiter

Mission to Find Life on Mars Blasts Off

The European Space Agency kicks off its ExoMars project to look for methane and other signs of life in the Martian atmosphere

A fresco uncovered in a tavern in Pompeii shows patrons playing a game. Similar scenes probably took place in a Roman tavern recently unearthed in Lattara, an ancient port city in southern France

2,100-Year-Old Roman Tavern Unearthed, Empty Cups and All

The proposed ancient bar and grill in southern France could shed light on the spread of Roman culture

The northern lights glow over Castle Sands in Saint Andrews, Scotland at 10 P.M. Sunday, March 6, 2016. Captured by Aurorasaurus participant Alex Thompson

With Breathtaking Pictures, Citizen Scientists Help Map Auroras

Social media users help scientists figure out how to accurately forecast geomagnetic events

Elephants in Kenya's Tana River, Morgan's home territory

Epic Journey Brings First Elephant to Somalia in 20 Years

Meet Morgan, whose 3-week trek shows anti-poaching efforts could be working

A worker sorts plastic in a recycling plant in Bangladesh. A new bacteria could make her job obsolete

Could Plastic-Gobbling Bacteria Save the Environment?

Japanese scientists discovered a microbe that digests one of the most common plastics

An illustration of galaxy superclusters and cosmic voids, similar to the structure of the BOSS Great Wall

Meet the BOSS, the Largest Structure in the Universe (So Far)

Astronomers recently discovered a wall of galaxies 1 billion light years across, larger than anything else yet identified in the cosmos

Scientists studied Hydra vulgaris to determine how the animal opens its mouth

How Hydra Rip Open New Mouths at Every Meal

Scientists finally figured out how the tiny aquatic creature opens its mouth to eat

Crops certainly can be grown in the popular Hollywood stand-in for Mars, the valley Wadi Rum in southern Jordan.

Move Over Matt Damon: Scientists Grow Ten Crops In Faux Martian Soil

A new experiment shows that with a little help, soil on Mars could readily support agriculture

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