The hoard includes 453 bronze objects, including axe heads, spearheads, sword fragments and bracelets

London's Largest Cache of Bronze Age Objects Is on View for the First Time

The Havering Hoard includes 100 pounds of artifacts recovered from an ancient enclosure ditch

The garum factory found near Ashkelon in Israel

Ancient Roman Fish Sauce Factory Unearthed in Israel

The site produced the incredibly popular fish gut-based condiment garum—a process so stinky it had to take place far from town

CT scan of a newborn panda cub.

Panda Bears Have Teeny Tiny Babies, and We Don't Know Why

Panda moms are 900 times bigger than their cubs and a new study disputes the theory it's related to hibernation

Dead mussels along the Clinch River.

Scientists Don't Know Why Freshwater Mussels Are Dying Across North America

Mussel species are dying en mass in rivers across the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and South—likely from unidentified pathogens

The Fiscardo wreck's amphorae are exceptionally well-preserved.

Enormous Roman Shipwreck Found Off Greek Island

The 110-foot-long ship carried more than 6,000 amphorae used as shipping containers in the ancient world

Lead author Scott Haddow says, "Given the small sample size, the ultimate meaning of the human teeth pendants will remain elusive until new findings ... can help us better contextualize [them]."

Archaeologists Unearth Beads Made of Human Teeth in Ancient Turkish City

The molars found in Çatalhöyük are the first such beads found in the Near East

An endangered White's seahorse.

Undersea 'Hotels' Deployed to Help Sydney's Endangered Seahorses

Captive breeding and microhabitats may help restore White's seahorse whose population plummeted 90 percent in the last decade

The new attraction is the Dominican Republic's Living Museum of the Sea.

New 'Living Museum of the Sea' Established in Dominican Republic Waters

Based around an existing shipwreck, the museum will allow divers to explore cannons, anchors and coral reefs

See a Bald Eagle and Octopus Tangled in Epic Battle

The big cephalopod was winning until the humans intervened

Roman tweezers found during bridge construction

Roman Ear Cleaner, Tweezers Unearthed in England

The ear cleaning tool looks similar to a modern Q-tip but is made entirely out of metal

Someone Is Gluing Cowboy Hats to Las Vegas' Pigeons

Experts say the birds look perfectly safe—and 'cute,' of course

Oceanographers Map Legacy of Nuclear Tests at Bikini Atoll

Sonar scans reveal undersea craters from atomic testing conducted between 1946 and 1958

The Elgin cast, seen on right, reveals sculptural details lost today.

3-D Imaging Reveals Toll of Parthenon Marbles' Deterioration

A new study of 19th-century plaster casts of the controversial sculptures highlight details lost over the past 200 years

Of the 47 visitors to the island at the time of the eruption, six died, eight are missing and 31 remain hospitalized.

At Least Six Tourists Dead After New Zealand Volcano Erupts

Forty-seven people were visiting the most active volcano in the country when it erupted on Monday afternoon

The shield was buried alongside a 2,000-year-old chariot drawn by two horses.

Archaeologists Unearth Celtic Warrior Grave Complete With Chariot, Elaborate Shield

One expert hailed the shield as "the most important British Celtic art object of the millennium"

Invasive Mice Are Gnawing the Scalps of Endangered Albatrosses

The mice already kill an estimated 2 million seabird chicks per year, but they now target breeding adults

The two cracked eggs emitted a "sulfurous aroma" during excavation.

Archaeologists Crack the Case of 1,700-Year-Old Roman Eggs

Two of the eggs broke open during excavation, but one remains intact

A sonar image of the S.M.S. Scharnhorst, which sank in the south Atlantic on December 8, 1914

German Ship Sunk During WWI Found Off Falkland Islands

Archaeologists started searching for the "Scharnhorst" on the centenary of the 1914 battle

This Electric Eel Is Shocking Around the Christmas Tree

The Tennessee Aquarium's internet-famous eel, Miguel Wattson, is powering Christmas lights in the exhibit

NASA's Sun-Orbiting Probe Reveals New Secrets of Our Host Star

The first findings from the Parker Solar Probe change what we know about the workings of our nearest star

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