The thread-like structures in this image from the Japanese satellite Hinode are spicules, giant plumes of gas that transfer energy through the sun’s various regions.

Millions of Plasma 'Spicules' Could Explain the Extreme Heat of the Sun's Atmosphere

New observations suggest interactions between opposite magnetic fields cause millions of super hot tendrils to erupt from the surface of the sun

Scientists Now Know Where the Largest Ape to Ever Exist Sits in Primate Family Tree

Proteins from a 1.9 million-year-old molar show that the 10-foot-tall 'Gigantopithecus' is a distant relative to modern orangutans

The ibis-headed god Thoth

DNA Suggests Ancient Egypt's Millions of Ibis Mummies Were Wild-Caught Birds

The animals' genes don't show the tell-tale signs of domestication, suggesting they were only held temporarily before being sacrificed

NASA Names Most Distant Object Ever Explored 'Arrokoth,' the Powhatan Word for Sky

The space rock's initial nickname, Ultima Thule, drew criticism for its ties to Nazi ideology

Ocean X recovered 900 bottles of alcohol from a 102-year-old shipwreck.

Tsar Nicholas II's Last Shipment of Booze Recovered From the Baltic Sea

Salvagers hope that some of the 900 bottles of cognac and Benedictine are still drinkable

A two-month-old filefish collected in the survey surrounded by plastic bits.

Newly Identified Fish Nurseries Are Choked With Plastic

Larval fish congregate in surface slicks, which contain plankton—and 126 times more plastic than surrounding waters

The submarine's plaque still bears its name.

American Submarine Lost in WWII Located Off Okinawa

Explorers found the "Grayback," which sank in 1944 with 80 U.S. sailors aboard, after correcting a single digit mistranslation

Birds Sniff Each Other's Bacteria to Help Choose a Mate

A new study finds the microbiome in a bird's preen oil determines its scent, which can impact its reproductive success

One of the wrecks discovered off the coast of Vaxholm

This Wreck May Be the Sister Ship of Sweden's Ill-Fated 'Vasa' Warship

Divers discovered the wreckage of two 17th-century warships off the coast of an island near Stockholm

Researchers debate whether Iron Age Scots hunted the massive fin whales or simply made the most of animals swept ashore.

Archaeologists Unearth Hollowed-Out Whale Vertebra Containing Human Jawbone, Remains of Newborn Lambs

Iron Age Scots made the unusual vessel with the bone of a fin whale, Earth's second largest whale species

The recently opened Apollo moon sample.

NASA Opens Pristine Tube of Moon Dust From the Apollo Missions

Studying the lunar material will help scientists understand the best way to analyze new samples from future missions to the moon

A brain with a normal olfactory bulb on the left and a brain lacking the bulb on the right.

Some Women Without the Brain's Olfactory Bulbs Can Still Smell. Scientists Say It Makes No Sense

Left-handed women missing the brain structures were still able to smell as well–or better—than average

Texas state law classifies retired police dogs (and other law enforcement animals) as surplus government property not to be used for private benefit.

Texas' Retired Police Dogs No Longer Have to Be Sold or Euthanized

A new state amendment allows handlers and other qualified caretakers to adopt retired police pups at no cost

Sunlight-Tracking Polymer, Inspired by Sunflowers, Could Maximize Solar Power

The SunBOTS bend toward light source and could help solar cells capture more direct sunlight all day long

The markings range from letters to shapes, patterns and symbols.

You Can Now Explore a 3-D Model of Cave Covered in Creepy 'Witches' Marks'

Visitors spotted hundreds of etchings designed to ward off evil while exploring a cave in England's Creswell Crags

These Beautiful Blue Turkey-Like Birds Have Tiny Brains and Huge Social Networks

A new study finds that vulturine guineafowl live in complex societies previously found in primates, elephants and dolphins

An unknown thief stole the historic rifle in a brazen 1971 heist.

Revolutionary War Rifle Stolen 50 Years Ago Recovered at Barn Sale

The long rifle, made by master gunsmith Johann Christian Oerter, will go on view at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

Five chunks of dough in silicone pouches were sent to the space station, awaiting baking.

With a 'Zero G' Oven, Astronauts Can Have Their Cookies, but They Can't Eat Them Too

The experimental Zero G oven will be able to bake one cookie at a time, and it's possible the treats may come out as cookie balls or cylinders

Representatives of the American Library Association deliver a petition protesting new e-book limitations to Macmillan Publishers.

Why New Restrictions on Library E-Book Access Are Generating Controversy

Macmillan Publishers will only allow libraries to purchase one copy of an e-book during the first eight weeks following publication

Contractors found a witch bottle similar to the one pictured here while demolishing a former inn's chimney.

'Witch Bottle' Filled With Teeth, Pins and Mysterious Liquid Discovered in English Chimney

The charms were designed to ward off witches, but new research suggests they had medical uses as well

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