Double-Sided Tape Inspired by Spiderwebs Could Revolutionize Surgery

The two-sided adhesive instantly dries tissue then creates a strong bond—in just 5 seconds

Mosses Expand the Story of Ötzi the Iceman's Final Journey

Seventy-five species of mosses and liverworts found in and around his body suggest he climbed the alps via a difficult gorge

Officials hope to complete work on the new museum by the Jefferson Memorial's 80th anniversary in 2023

Philanthropist Donates $10 Million to Jefferson Memorial Museum

David Rubenstein's donation will fund the creation of a new education center at the D.C. monument

It’s Death By A Million Cuts on This Slasher Planet!

NASA Celebrates Halloween With These Interstellar Horror Posters

The artwork highlights the weird world of exoplanets where it rains glass and planets circle zombie stars

Nirmal Purja smashed the speed record for summiting the world's 14 highest peaks, racing up all "8000ers" in just six months and six days

Nepalese Mountaineer Smashes Speed Record for Climbing World's 14 Tallest Peaks

Former special forces soldier Nirmal Purja summited Everest, K2 and a dozen other 8,000-meter peaks in just six months

AlphaStar, playing as the StarCraft race Protoss, in green, dealing with flying units from the Zerg players with a combination of powerful anti-air units. The AI program mastered all three races in the game, Protoss, Terran and Zerg.

A.I. Mastered Backgammon, Chess and Go. Now It Takes On StarCraft II

DeepMind's AlphaStar learns the complex strategy video game, which has trillions and trillions of possible moves conducted in real time

The Bayeux Tapestry tells the story of William the Conqueror's invasion of England.

Architecture and Math Show the Bayeux Tapestry Was Designed to Decorate a Cathedral

A new study proposes a convincing explanation for the 11th-century tapestry's creation

These Newly Discovered Shrimp Call a Whale Shark's Mouth Home

Found in a whale shark off Okinawa, hundred of amphipods were living it up in the giant fish's gills

Sandro Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" finds its subject striking a contrapposto pose

Why Viewers Are Drawn to Renaissance Artists' Go-To Pose

A new study finds that the contrapposto stance reduces the waist-to-hip ratio, an attribute popularly associated with attractiveness

A steppe eagle with an SMS tracker attached.

Text Messages Sent by Roaming Eagles Bankrupt Scientific Study

A steppe eagle named Min spent months out of range before reappearing in Iran and sending hundreds of expensive SMS texts

The Nazis seized Winter, an early 20th-century painting by American artist Gari Melchers, in 1933.

F.B.I. Recovers Nazi-Looted Painting From New York Museum

The Arkell Museum had no inkling of the early 20th-century canvas' dark past

Canine Archaeologists Sniff Out 3,000-Year-Old Graves in Croatia

A new study shows how canines trained to find human remains could help archaeologists locate new sites

The original Monuments Men remove the Madonna of Bruges from the Altaussee Salt Mine where the Nazi regime stored looted art treasures.

The Smithsonian and the Army Join Forces to Revive the Monuments Men

A new force of cultural specialists will advise the military on protecting cultural treasures from bombing and looting

Why Did Thousands of Rubber Bands Show Up on an Uninhabited Cornish Island?

Nesting gulls have likely been trying to feed the bands found in nearby flower fields to their chicks for decades

An artists interpretation of the Yeti Galaxy.

Behold This 'Cosmic Yeti,' a Monster Galaxy From the Beginning of Time

Astronomers recently spotted 12.5 billion-year-old light from the giant galaxy, which helps explains the evolution of the early universe

The pearl is set to go on view at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

See the World's Oldest Pearl, Soon to Go on View for the First Time

The 8,000-year-old gemstone was found at the Neolithic Marawah archaeological site in 2017

Plants growing in lunar and Martian soil simulants.

Space Farmers Could Grow Crops in Lunar and Martian Soil, Study Suggests

With a little added organic matter, dusty lunar and Martian soil simulants produced tomatoes, rye, radishes and other crops in the lab

Lord Elgin is a controversial figure accused by many—including the Greek government—of looting valuable artifacts from the city of Athens

Newly Discovered Treasures Came From the Same Sunken Ship That Carried the Controversial 'Elgin Marbles'

The "Mentor," a vessel owned by the notorious Lord Elgin, sank in 1802 while carrying panels and sculptures looted from the Parthenon

Trilobite Fossil Shows Animals Have Stood in Line for Hundreds of Millions of Years

A line of 480-million-year-old trilobites found in Morocco may be the earliest evidence of collective animal behavior

A sculpture depicting Irish author James Joyce is seen behind his grave in Fluntern cemetery in Zurich

Dublin Wants to Reclaim James Joyce's Body Before the Centenary of 'Ulysses'

Critics question whether the author, who died in Zurich after a 30-year exile, ever wanted to return home, even in death

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