D.C.'s Newseum Is Closing Its Doors at the End of the Year

The museum dedicated to the history of journalism and the First Amendment has struggled financially since opening 11 years ago

Dolphins and their calves enjoying a summer day in the lower Potomac River.

Dolphins Are Finally Living and Breeding in the Potomac River Again

About 1,000 bottlenose dolphins have been recorded in the lower reaches of the recovering river, including one that gave birth in August

Record-Breaking Storm Dumps Four Feet of Snow on Parts of Montana

The September storm broke snowfall and temperature records across several states

Missing Box Contains Bones of Britain's Early Inhabitants

Carbon dating shows the remains were 9,000 years old

Anna Birnie, Van Gogh's governess and likely first art teacher.

Research Reveals Vincent van Gogh's Artistic Governess

Anna Birnie, daughter of an artist, taught Vincent and his siblings for three years, including lesson on drawing

California’s Saltiest Lake Is Home to This Arsenic-Resistant, Three-Sexed Worm

Prior to their discovery, only two species could survive in the super-salty, highly alkaline lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains

In Ukraine, Megastructures Help Chart the Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization

The arrangement of large public spaces at the sprawling Maidanetske site suggests the culture became less democratic before collapse

If We Connect Fragmented Habitat, New Species Will Come, Study Shows

An 18-year study of longleaf pine savannah showed a 5 percent species increase per year when isolated plots were reconnected

Climate Report Warns Oceans and Polar Ice Are in Serious Peril

The IPCC study shows that without immediate change, sea level will rise, fish stocks will crumble and glaciers and polar regions will thaw

The "Versailles of Dresden" Has Been Rebuilt, 74 Years After World War II

The opulent royal apartments at the Residential Palace were Augustus the Strong's attempt to project and prolong his power

These Prehistoric Sea Monsters Had a Mean Breast Stroke

A new study shows Mosasaurs not only swam using their tails but used powerful pectoral muscles for short bursts to ambush prey

Research Suggests Machu Picchu Was Purposely Built on Top of Intersecting Fault Lines

It's believed the fissures produced chunks of cracked rock that aided in the construction of the city's tightly fitted stone walls

Artist's conception of a watery Venus.

Venus Could Have Been Habitable for Billions of Years

New simulations show the planet could have maintained moderate temperatures and liquid water until 700 million years ago

Bankruptcy of U.K.'s Largest Travel Operator Strands Thousands of Vacationers

The U.K. government is undertaking the largest repatriation effort since WWII to bring home 150,000 Thomas Cook customers

One of the mosaics at Paphos, Cyprus.

Getty Launches $100 Million Project to Safeguard Heritage

The initiative will fund projects that will help sites weather threats like armed conflict, climate change and overtourism

One of many contaminated crabs at the Deepwater Horizon site.

Deepwater Horizon Site Is Now a Sticky Wasteland Populated by Sickly Crabs

Degrading hydrocarbons attract shrimp and crab to the spill site, where they are contaminated by oil and develop a variety of problems

Recently Discovered Neutron Star Is Almost Too Massive to Exist

The star J0740+6620 is 2.14 times the mass of our sun but just 12 miles in diameter, approaching the density of a black hole

American Woman Becomes First Person to Swim English Channel Four Times, Nonstop

Sarah Thomas took 54 hours to cross from England to France and back again twice, just a year after battling cancer

A cow skull being unearthed at the Ipplepen site.

Upscale Butcher Shop Suggests Romans Were More Widespread in Britain Than Previously Thought

The animal remains at Ipplepen are part of mounting evidence that Roman influence stretched deep into Devon

Komodo Dragons Have Skin That Looks Like Chain Mail

CT scans show layered bone covers the adult reptile's body, likely to protect them when fighting for mates and food

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