Sperm whales, giant squid and humans all have a mitochondrial "Eve."

Your High-End Perfume Is Likely Part Whale Mucus

A single pound of "whale vomit" can be worth tens of thousands of dollars

Drawing of a rhinoceros species, now extinct in Europe, in the Caverne du Pont d'Arc near Vallon, France, a replica of Chauvet Cave.

New Timeline Zeros in on the Creation of the Chauvet Cave Paintings

Radiocarbon dates help reconstruct the cave's long history

Judith Beheading Holofernes (1598) by Caravaggio at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica at Palazzo Barberini, Rome. A recently discovered painting in France thought to be by Caravaggio depicts a similar scene

Multi-Million Dollar Painting Found in Leaky French Attic

Homeowners may have found a lost Caravaggio masterpiece behind a sealed attic door in their home near Toulouse

Scientists Are Searching Out “Genetic Superheroes” to Cure Diseases

Out of almost 600,000 people, 13 seem to have mutations that prevent deadly diseases from being expressed

Artist's rendering of the Alpha Centauri system

Stephen Hawking and Billionaire Announce Project to Send Tiny Probes to Nearest Star System

Yuri Milner is investing 100 million dollars in research to develop a swarm of tiny probes for a mission to Alpha Centauri

Machine Learning May Help Determine When the Old Testament Was Written

Using computer algorithms to analyze handwriting, researchers discover citizens of ancient Judah were much more literate than previously thought

Human Diseases May Have Doomed the Neanderthals

Stomach ulcers, herpes, ringworm and other tropical diseases may have all contributed to the Neanderthal demise

A wild boar and her little squeakers explore in Duisburg Forest, Germany.

Radioactive Boars Rampage Around Fukushima

A boom in the wild boar population is causing problems for farmers near the site of the 2011 nuclear disaster

The Planet-Hunting Kepler Telescope Entered Emergency Mode

The probe suddenly went into a safe mode for unknown reasons last week

Researchers Piece Together Ancient Plesiosaur Attack

After examining bite marks on a 70-million-year old diving bird, researchers figure out who tried to have it for dinner

Humans and Neanderthals May Have Had Trouble Making Male Babies

The Neanderthal Y chromosome hasn't persisted in modern humans

Galaxy NGC 1600

Supermassive Black Holes May Be More Common Than Previously Thought

Astronomers have found a huge black hole in a "cosmic backwater," opening the possiblity there could be many more in the universe

Pig Heart Beat for Over Two Years in Baboon's Belly

Researchers take big step forward in the quest to develop cross-species organ transplants

Green Sea Turtles Are No Longer Endangered in Florida and Mexico

Decades of conservation efforts have led authorities to downgrade the turtles to threatened, though many challenges still remain

Researchers Crack Open the Mysterious Plain of Jars

After 80 years, archeologists get the chance to explore the Laotian plateau dotted with giant stone jars

Lot 62, Willamette Meteorite Slice: The 15.6 ton Willamette Meteorite is probably the largest meteor ever found the continental United States. Discovered in Oregon in 1902 and exhibited at the 1905 World’s Fair in Portland, it eventually ended up in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. In 1990, Oregon and a coalition of Native Americans sued to get the meteor back. They lost, but the museum agreed to never cut the meteor again, making this 1.15 pound slice incredibly rare

Sneak a Peek at the Multi-Million Dollar Meteorites Soon up for Sale

Christie's is auctioning off dozens of rare and important meteorites, including pieces of the rock that exploded over Russia in 2013

Eco-Celebrity Crane Inspires Wetland Protection in Taiwan

An endangered Siberian crane that has made Taiwan home is inspiring locals to protect the wetlands

Bullet Helps Revive Lawrence of Arabia's Reputation

A bullet from a Colt pistol found at the site of one of T.E. Lawrence's most famous battles helps verify the authenticity of his stories

Horse Poop Helps Unravel the Mystery of Hannibal’s Route Through the Alps

Researchers have found a large deposit of horse manure in the Col de Traversette pass, likely left by the ancient general's army

Three Surprising Finds from the New Alan Lomax Archive

A new online database shares more than 17,000 recordings from the folk music archivist

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