Central Park Opens Up Its "Secret Sanctuary"

Closed for 80 Years, the Park recently announced it will open the restored Hallett Nature Sanctuary to vistors

Five Things to Know About the Diamond Sutra, the World’s Oldest Dated Printed Book

Printed over 1,100 years ago, a Chinese copy of the Diamond Sutra at the British Library is one of the most intriguing documents in the world

New Polymer Successfully Smooths Wrinkles

This "second skin" tightens wrinkles and could be used to cover wounds as well as deliver medications

Will Luxembourg Lead the Race for Space Mining?

The tiny nation announced its private industry partners for asteroid mining

Ifo Camp, a recent extension to Dadaab, a 24-year-old refugee camp with over 300,000 inhabitants near the Kenya/Somalia border

Kenya Moves to Shut Down the World's Largest Refugee Camp

Over the weekend, Kenya announced plans to shut the Dadaab and Kakuma camps, which house hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees

What Caused the 2011 D.C. Earthquake?

A thinning mantle led to the 5.8 magnitude shake in the Southeast, and more may be in store

Scientific A-Team Plans to Reconstruct Leonardo da Vinci's Genome

Art historians, geneticists and other researchers are working together to compile the great artist's DNA

Australians Make Beer Out of Belly Button Lint

Melbourne's 7 Cent Brewery will debut a Belgian-style Witbier later this month brewed using yeast strains cultivated from its founders' navels

'The Shining' Looks to Raise Hairs and Octaves in Its Opera Debut

The Minnesota Opera will debut its take on the horror novel in a new production by Pulitzer-prize winning composer Paul Moravec

The Oldest Species May Win in the Race to Survive Climate Change

It's survival of the fittest, and the oldest may be the fittest, new study says

Drought Forces Zimbabwe to Sell Its Wild Animals

Facing food and water shortages, the country hopes to save it's wildlife

Lightning over Lake Maracaimbo, November 2015

NASA Announces World's New Lightning Hotspot

The electric capital tops the charts with lightning storms 297 nights per year

Marines Are Investigating the Identity of a Flag Raiser in the Iconic Iwo Jima Photo

Amateur historians have called into question the identity of a soldier in Joe Rosenthal's 1945 Pulitzer prize-winning image

Mountaineers Have Discovered the Bodies of Alex Lowe and David Bridges

The climbers died in an avalanche on Shishapangma in 1999

The Hale Crater on Mars, one area where slope lineae occur

Boiling Water Could Explain Mysterious Dark Streaks on Mars

Researchers simulate some of the Red Planet's unique features in an Earth-bound chamber

Nepal Celebrates Two Years Free From Rhino Poaching

Increased education and a law enforcement crackdown has helped the tiny nation keep its rhinos safe for 730 days in a row

Ivory burn outside Nairobi, 1991

Eerie Footage of Over 100 Tons of Burning Ivory

The Kenyan government burned tusks from over 6,000 elephants to reduce stockpiles of ivory and raise awareness of poaching

Scientists Use "The Moth Radio Hour" to Create Brain Atlas

Using a functional MRI, scientists created a visual dictionary to show how areas of the brain process language

Spanish Ditch Diggers Unearth 1,300 Pounds of Roman Coins

Workers near Seville, Spain, found a hoard of 19 amphora filled with mint-condition coins from the third and fourth centuries

Astronomers Deploy a Laser System for a Clearer View of the Skies

A new four-laser system at the Paranal Observatory will help the massive telescope compensate for atmospheric turbulence

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