The remnant of SN 1006

Ancient Arabic Text Shines Light on Massive Supernova

A new look at records from an ancient astronomer yields insights into one of the brighest supernovas ever seen from Earth

This photograph of Harper Lee was taken in 1961, one year after she wrote for the Grapevine.

Biographer Uncovers Unsigned Feature Article by Harper Lee

The 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author published a profile of a Kansas investigator in an FBI magazine while helping Truman Capote research 'In Cold Blood'

Paleontologists Matt Lamanna and Ruben Martinez with the skull of Sarmientosaurus

Newly Discovered Dinosaur Species Had Great Eyesight and a Droopy Head

Sarmientosaurus weighed as much as two elephants but had a brain the size of a lime

A print of Lake Suwa from the series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji.

Japanese Priests Collected Almost Seven Centuries of Climate Data

Historic records from "citizen scientists" in Japan and Finland give researchers centuries of data on ice conditions

Brindled Stamiter, Cricetus fasciatus

Audubon Pranked Fellow Naturalist by Making Up Fake Rodents

Annoyed with naturalist and houseguest Constantine Rafinesque, John J. Audubon dreamed up 28 non-existent species

"Shark Vision" Shines Light on Biofluorescent Species

Using a specially designed filter, divers uncovered the glowing patterns on the skin of catsharks

The National Museum of Natural History is seen engulfed in fire at Mandi house on April 26, 2016 in New Delhi.

Fire Devastates New Delhi's National Museum of Natural History

A late night blaze guts one of India's favorite museums, destroying valuable collections and exhibits

The page of The Consolation of Philosophy once stolen from The Cambridge Songs

'Lost' Medieval Music Performed for the First Time in 1,000 Years

Researchers and musicians at Cambridge reconstruct songs from 'The Consolation of Philosophy'


Oldest Message in a Bottle Ever Found

The 108-year-old message in a bottle from a British marine researcher washed up on a German beach

An Illustrated Map of Chicago, Youthful City of the Big Shoulders, Restless, Ingenious, Wilful, Violent, Proud to be Alive! by Charles Turzak, Boston, 1931. A whimsical map of the city including parks, planes, and even Lake Michigan sea monsters

Eight Awesome Maps From Stanford's New David Rumsey Map Center

A collection of 150,000 historic maps merges paper and digital images in new ways

21 Million Years Ago, Monkeys May Have Floated to North America on Rafts

Fossil teeth in Panama show monkeys made it to Central America, probably on floating mats of vegetation

It's Official: Harriet Tubman Will Grace the $20 Bill

The famed Underground Railroad Conductor will appear on the front of the $20 bill, among other changes to U.S. currency

Mass Bleaching Destroys Swaths of the Great Barrier Reef

Surveys show that 55 percent of reefs surveyed were severely affected by high water temperatures, with half of those expected to die

An artist's rendering of the 3-D Triumphal Arch in London

Palmyra Arch Destroyed by ISIS Rises Again in Central London

Using 3-D photos and computer guided stonecutters, researchers recreated the Triumphal Arch destroyed by the terrorist group last year

Do Insects Have Consciousness and Ego?

The brains of insects are similar to a structure in human brains, which could show a rudimentary form of consciousness

What the villa discovered in Wiltshire, England, would have looked like 1800 years ago

Massive Roman Villa Found in British Backyard

One of the largest and best-preserved Roman homes ever found in Britain was discovered after a family decided they wanted to play ping-pong in their barn

Some of the shackled skeletons found at Phalaeron outside Athens

Shackled Skeletons Unearthed in Greece Could Be Remains of Slaughtered Rebels

Three dozen skeletons in shackles may be the followers of Cylon, an Olympic champion who tried to take over Athens in 632 B.C.

Vaccine Switch Marks a New (and Hopefully Last) Stage in the Battle With Polio

Over the weekend, health officials began replacing the current polio vaccination in an effort to wipe out one of three strains of the virus

The Northeast Prepares for Swarms of Cicadas This Spring

Billions of red-eyed cicadas will emerge from the earth in much of the northeast this spring, part of a 17-year-cycle

Historians Identify 35 Descendants of Leonardo da Vinci

Using historical documents and genealogical detective work, researchers have reconstructed 15 generations of Leonardo's family tree

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