An Incan mummy found at Mount Llullaillaco, Argentina, in 1999, which was used in the study

What Mummy DNA Reveals About the Spread and Decline of People in the Americas

Researchers have pieced together how humans spread from Alaska to Argentina and the extent of devastation from the introduction of European disease

The little brown bat infected with white-nose syndrome found in the state of Washington

White-Nose Syndrome Detected in Bats West of the Rockies for the First Time

The fungal disease, which has devastated bat populations in the Eastern U.S., has now shown up in Washington state

What's Over the Horizon? These New Maps Will Show You

Andy Woodruff's line of sight maps show what you're facing from any coastline in the world

Researchers Make Cyborg Beetles a Reality

Outfitted with microprocessor-equipped backpacks, scientists can control the beetle's steps via remote control

Can you see it? Some of the Etruscan letters found on a sandstone slab in the Mugello Valley

2,500-Year-Old Monument Could Help Crack the Mysterious Etruscan Language

Researchers found the inscribed slab near Florence and believe it might hold secrets behind the language of Italy's pre-Roman culture

Scan of Idmonarachne brasieri

305-Million-Year-Old Fossil Helps Unravel the Spider's Evolutionary Web

The spider look-alike shows what separates modern spiders from their ancient eight-legged cousins

Amateur Astronomers Capture an Asteroid or Comet Colliding With Jupiter

The object recently exploded in the atmosphere of the solar system's largest planet

A bison takes a stroll down the road in Elk Island National Park, Alberta

Genetically Pure Bison Will Return to Montana After 100 Years in Exile

Next week, the Blackfeet Tribe will receive 89 buffalo calves that descended from Montana stock in a Canadian National Park

New USGS Map Shows Man-Made Earthquakes Are on the Rise

This updated earthquake hazard map shows seven million more Americans are at risk of quakes

A black rhino takes to the air in the first stage of its venture during the 2013 World Wildlife Fund's Black Rhino Expansion Project.

Rhinos Will Be Airlifted to Australia to Avoid Poachers

A new project is flying rhinos from South Africa to Australia to create a "biological insurance policy" against increased poaching

Cacao beans drying in the Dominican Republic

The Secret Behind Your Favorite Coffee Could Be Yeast

Researchers find three unique strains of yeast that help ferment coffee and cacao beans and may give the treats their unique flavors

Genes of Ancestral Peanuts May Help Feed the World

Researchers have sequenced the genome of peanuts and its ancient cousins, which could lead to disease and drought-resistant varieties

Ramesses III and his son in the afterlife

CT Scan Shows Pharoah Ramesses III Was Murdered by Multiple Assassins

A missing toe reveals that the god-king was killed by more than one plotter

"Missing Link" Cave Fish Walks Like a Salamander

A fish that wiggles up waterfalls may help researchers understand how life shifted from water to land

Epitaph on William Shakespeare's grave

Did Shakespeare Lose His Head?

Scans of the Bard's grave reveal that robbers may have stolen his skull two centuries ago

The Cure for Lower Back Pain? Mindfulness and Therapy

Mindfulness-based stress relief and cognitive behaviorial therapy work better than conventional treatments in patient trials

"The Last Communion of Joan of Arc" by Charles Henri Michel

French Theme Park "Battles" British Government to Keep Joan of Arc's Ring

After buying a ring purportedly owned by Joan of Arc, a French history park owner defies UK demands

A cruise ship in Alaska, similar to the one that will cross the Northwest Passage in August

Cruise Ship Set to Sail the Perilous Northwest Passage

Crystal Cruises will sail a ship with over 1,000 passengers through the legendary—and deadly—Arctic route

Prairie Dogs: The Fiercest Killers in the West

New study reveals white-tailed prairie dogs attack and kill ground squirrels with no provocation

Some of the coral bleaching near Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef

Massive Bleaching Event Hits the Great Barrier Reef

Warm ocean temperatures have impacted large swaths of the Great Barrier Reef in the last month, part of a worldwide coral die-off

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