Events for the Week of December 21-25: Holiday Happenings, Gift Shop Sales, Chat With a Scientist


Events for the Week of December 14-18: Harry Truman, A Doll's House, The Muppets and More!


Events for the Week of 12/7-11: American Indian Dancing, Inspirational Toys, ZooLights and More!


Events: A National Zoo Electric Light Show, Holidays on Display, Celebrations of Winter Holidays


Weekend Events: Celebrate American Indian Heritage, Astronaut Art, and Sesame Street's 40th Birthday!


Smithsonian Weekend Events: Bunnies, Bling and All That Jazz


Smithsonian Events Week of 4/6-10: Samuel Morse, Satellites and Bunnies

Woman's four-piece ball gown.  Europe, circa 1868.

Costume’s Cultural Reveal

The Los Angeles County Museum aims to draw new visitors and historic insights with a landmark costume acquisition


Smithsonian Events Week of 2/17-20: Lady Day and Civil Rights Heroes


Weekend Events: Celebrate Black History Month


Smithsonian Events, 2/2-6: Buddy Holly and Black History Month


Smithsonian Events Week of 1/5-1/11: Bette Davis and George W. Bush


Smithsonian Weekend Events, December 19-21: Christmas, Jim Henson Style

Erin Gann as Xerxes and Helen Carey as Atossa in the Shakespeare Theatre Company's production of Aeschylus' "The Persians," a new version by Ellen McLaughlin, directed by Ethan McSweeny.

The Persians Revisited

A 2,500-year-old Greek historical play remains eerily contemporary

Comedy group 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors has performed around the world.

Taking the Stage

The National Asian American Theatre Festival makes its debut

John Coyne's New Global Theatre creates a virtual performance where the production occurs on several different stages and is broadcast via monitors to the actors and the audience.

Recasting Shakespeare's Stage

Designing a Globe Theatre for the 21st century

35 Who Made a Difference: Julie Taymor

Transcending genres, the designer and director creates shamanistic theater

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