Hot-Rock Cooking Party

For archaeologists, the proof is in the pudding— or rather, in the agave, cactus and other goodies


Wastewater Problem? Just Plant a Marsh

For some of the toughest environmental cleanups, plants can do it better and cheaper than we can

Kauai Wildlife Refuge

A Onetime Rancher Wages Lonely War to Save Rare Plants

Working alone, by hand, one man is turning 100 acres of alien trees into a refuge for Hawaii's endangered botanical treasures


The Deep-Sea Floor Rivals Rain Forests in Diversity of Life

Blue luminescence and marine snow define a world where millions of species of worms and other invertebrates live out their lives


A Giant Shrugs Off Vandalism, Poaching, Tales of Its Demise

The Sonoran Desert's mighty saguaro cactus is the living embodiment of the Southwest, a 'charismatic megaplant' that people care about

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