A vessel nears the commercial wind farm 3.8 miles off the coast of Block Island.

This Historic Community Is Pushing the Nation Toward a Wind Power Revolution

Block Island, off the New England coast, overcame political strife to lead the way on energy independence

Jason Hayman, managing director of Sustainable Marine Energy, checks out Plat-I, the company’s primary project.

The Push for Tidal Power Faces Its Biggest Challenge Yet

The renewable energy source has never quite lived up to its potential, but a new experiment in Nova Scotia could flip the script

Single-use cigarette lighters, collected by Mandy Barker, represent our transition to a consumerist, throw-away society.

This Artist Transforms Beach Trash Into Stunning, Majestic Images

Mandy Barker didn't have spend too much time on the shores to collect enough debris for her masterpieces

35 Who Made a Difference: Mark Plotkin

An ethnobotanist takes up the cause of rain forest conservation


Unfazed by All the Buzz

The portrait that took the photographic world by swarm


Training Wheels

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