Endothelial cells under the microscope

Brave New World

Everything you wanted to know about stem cells, cloning and genetic engineering but were afraid to ask


Seeing Science Six Miles Up

City patterns, farm history, ancient seabeds, old mountains and new, the why of clouds: take a look

This SeaWiFS view reveals the colourful interplay of currents on the sea's surface

Evidence for a Flood

Sediment layers suggest that 7,500 years ago Mediterranean water roared into the Black Sea


When the Earth Froze

The rocks tell us that at least twice, the earth has frozen over from the poles to the equator


When Plants Migrate

The study of how plants moved north after the last ice age could mean new directions for conservation


Greetings from the Antiworld

Every subatomic particle has its opposite number, but luckily it's not true on a larger scale



It's colorless, odorless and gets no respect, but it's vital to the cycle of life— and we may be using too much


Phenomena, Comment and Notes

Experiments at sea show we can cause phytoplankton to bloom in areas where it otherwise would not


How the Body Defends Itself From the Risky Business of Living

Our cells take trillions of 'hits' each day from toxins both natural and man-made, but hardworking enzymes repair the damage


Phenomena, Comment & Notes

Iceberg armadas and flickering climates: how one good idea led to more, and we appreciated anew the world's complexity


The Great Martian Fossil Hunt

If bacterial life did arise on an Earth-like early Mars, we should be able to find its fossil remains preserved in those red rocks


However It Began on Earth, Life May Have Been Inevitable

In a universe filled with prebiotic compounds,it may be only a small step for some of them to hook up in ways that lead directly to life

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