To find out what's going on outside, people love to search for  it online.

Bird Migrations, Floral Blooms and Other Natural Phenomena Cause Seasonal Spikes in Wikipedia Searches

A new study has found that pageview trends for various plants and animal species correspond to real-world seasonal patterns

Dragonflies Embark on an Epic, Multi-Generational Migration Each Year

Monarch butterflies aren't the only migratory marathoners in North America

A newly collared mule deer is released onto its winter range.

New Tracking Technology Reveals Hidden Animal Migration Routes

Using improved GPS collars, scientists are mapping more herd migration routes than ever before, a key to conservation efforts in the western United States

No, Wait, This Is the Real Ava, a Bronze Age Woman From the Scottish Highlands

New DNA evidence drastically changes the image of the young woman buried in Caithness 4,250 years ago

The Science and Cell teams sequenced a total of 64 ancient human genomes

This Week Has Offered a Slew of Insights on the Western Hemisphere’s First Humans

Studies reveal rapid yet uneven movement south in at least three migratory waves, complicating story of the Americas' settlement

Does the Same Goose Always Lead the Flying V and More Questions From Our Readers

You asked, we answered

Visitors interacting with the art at Tania Bruguera's new show

This Art Exhibition Is Guaranteed to Make You Weep

Tania Bruguera's new show at London's Tate Modern includes a room spritzed with an organic compound to stimulate "forced empathy"

People Braved Australia's Western Desert Roughly 45,000 Years Ago

Newly dated artifacts from a rock shelter show humans were in the inhospitable Little Sandy Desert at least 10,000 years earlier than previously thought

To animals that rely on learned migration patterns, accumulated knowledge and thriving physical landscapes are equally essential for survival

Bighorn Sheep and Moose Learn Migration Then Pass Knowledge on to Next Generation

Hooved animals known as ungulates rely on generational lessons to guide seasonal migration, locate high-quality vegetation

New Evidence Shows That Humans Could Have Migrated to the Americas Along the Coast

Dating of rocks and animal bones shows Alaska's coast was glacier free around 17,000 years ago, allowing people to move south along the coast

This Is America’s Fastest-Growing City

Census data reveals the cities in the United States experiencing population booms

This insect can survive being eaten by birds, researchers have found.

Do Mama Stick Insects Get Eaten to Transport Their Eggs?

This may explain why the insects, who can't travel far on their own, spread across unconnected lands

Guzmán and his team were only able to pinpoint the whale shark's whereabouts when it rose to the surface to feed.

What the Longest Known Whale Shark Migration Ever Tells Us About Conservation

Researchers in Panama tracked a specimen via satellite over an unprecedented 12,516 miles

In the new book North on the Wing from Smithsonian Books, author Bruce Beehler (above left) follows the spring migration of songbirds.

Thirty-Seven Warblers in a Hundred Days

A Smithsonian ornithologist follows the songbird migration north from the Gulf of Mexico. A new book tells his story

CARNE y ARENA, 2017. A user in the experience.

VR Installation of Crossing U.S.-Mexico Border Comes to Nation's Capital

"Carne y Arena," by Academy Award-winning Mexican filmmaker Alejandro G. Iñárritu, will run in D.C. through August

Oldest Known Human Footprints in North America Discovered on Canada’s Pacific Coast

In a new paper, archaeologists describe 29 footprints that date to the end of the last ice age

Students at the New York Academy of Art have reconstructed the faces of migrants who died at the border in hopes of identifying them.

To Help Identify Migrants Who Died Along Border, Art Class Reconstructs Their Faces

When DNA analysis and dental exams aren’t possible, facial reconstruction is a last-resort to identifying remains

Easter Island is home to at least 142 endemic species, including the Easter Island butterfly fish.

Chile Announces Protections for Massive Swath of Ocean With Three New Marine Parks

The almost 450,000 square miles encompass a stunning diversity of marine life, including hundreds of species found nowhere else

Often known as the redbird or common cardinal, the northern cardinal is a North American bird in the genus Cardinalis.

Five Things to Know About the Recently Changed Migratory Bird Act

A new rule prevents industry from being prosecuted for killing birds under the 100-year-old conservation law

Millions of Migrating Red Crabs Are Coming to Google Street View

The crustaceans are making their brief annual appearance on Australia's Christmas Island

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