This Umbrella Creates an Air “Force Field” to Keep Rain Away

The umbrellas are still in the testing phase but are expected to ship out by next December


Instead of Growing Meat in a Lab, Why Not Make It Out of Plants?

"Plant blood" is the secret behind the I-can't-believe-it-isn't-meat company, Impossible Foods

Bionic Hands Partially Restore Users' Sense of Touch

The hand's sensors communicate directly with the wearer's nerves

New Marine Robots Could One Day Patrol the Oceans

How do you keep an eye on the oceans? With robots

Breast pumping equipment

A New MIT Challenge: Hack the Breast Pump

Last weekend, MIT's Media Lab hosted the "Make the Breast Pump Not Suck" Hackathon

Irish students refine their winning entry, a method for promoting crop growth

Meet the Teen Winners of Google's Science Fair

A flying fruit fly-inspired robot and a bacterial solution for world hunger are among the three winners

The corner in downtown Hartford where the first pay phone was installed

The Pay Phone's Journey From Patent to Urban Relic

The history of the device that is well on its way to becoming, well, history

Vote for the Winner of the 2014 People's Design Award

Marvel at these breakthroughs in innovative design and select your favorite

Esplanade park in Helsinki

In the Summer, Helsinki's Buildings Are Cooled by an Underground Lake

Underneath a park in Helsinki, Finland is a lake used to cool buildings in the city

The little 1/3 drone hoverbike in action.

Hoverbikes Get One Step Closer to Reality

Chris Malloy is raising money on Kickstarter to continue development of his hoverbike


Benjamin Franklin Worked Here

Step into the London house where the inventor, scientist and founding father lived and worked

Thomas Edison's House of Wizardry

A visit to the invention factory where Edison would earn the nickname “Wizard of Menlo Park”

Faye Wu, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, demonstrates the "supernumerary robotic fingers."

Multitask Like Never Before With These Robotic Fingers

Many hands make light work, right? Well, MIT researchers have created a wrist-worn robot with a couple extra digits

Google hosts its fourth-annual science fair. Shown here, the 2013 winners.

Google Thinks These 18 Teenagers Will Change the World

The global finalists of this year’s Google Science Fair take on cyberbullying countermeasures, tar sands cleanup and wearable tech

The FBI's Next Worry: Self-Driving Car Bombs

That's ok. It's their job to worry

Clay tokens that Assyrians used for a simple bookkeeping system.

Some Ancient Assyrians Ignored the Advent of Writing for Thousands of Years

It took thousands of years for Assyrians to finally give up primitive record-keeping methods

A pre-war daguerrotype of James R. McClintock. Inventor, likely crook, possible spy.

The Amazing (If True) Story of the Submarine Mechanic Who Blew Himself Up Then Surfaced as a Secret Agent for Queen Victoria

The leading mechanic of the famed H.L. Hunley led quite the life, if we can believe any of it

Army uniforms could get even more high tech

The Army Is Testing a Belt That Can Guide Soldiers Through the Dark

The belt could have applications beyond the military from helping blind persons to tourism

The Science of Cooking a Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg

It's all about temperature and timing

Michael Jackson: Singer, Songwriter, American Inventor

The King of Pop invented more than just amazing dance moves

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