St. Mary's church in Norfolk

How Churches Are Improving Wi-Fi Access in Rural England

A new program is outfitting places of worship with wireless transmitters and fiber cables

A professor teaches an online class with students from around the world.

Will Traditional Colleges and Universities Become Obsolete?

Artificial intelligence and automation are bringing changes to higher education that will challenge, and may even threaten, in-person learning

The Library of Congress Will Stop Archiving Twitter

Because tweets have become too long and too numerous, the Library will only archive tweets of 'historic value"

The FCC ruled against U.S. consumer protections online.

How Other Countries Deal With Net Neutrality

As the U.S. weakens its protections for internet users, it risks falling behind the rest of the world

The AOL Instant Messenger icon became so well known it was made into a plush toy.

AOL Instant Messenger Taught Us How To Communicate in the Modern World

As AIM sunsets, let's reflect on its role in preparing people for today's digital messaging methods

Five Things to Know About Net Neutrality

The Dec. 14 vote will decide whether to reverse the landmark 2015 regulations placed on Internet service providers

Vincent van Gogh. The Postman (Joseph-Étienne Roulin), 1889. Oil on canvas.

Barnes Foundation Launches Digital Gallery of Its Amazing Art Collection

Historically infamous for being inaccessible to the public, the foundation has now published images of almost half of its collection online

Most Antiquities Sold Online Are Fake or Illegal

Social media and ISIS have combined to flood the web with thousands of questionable artifacts

This paper log for Interface Message Processor shows the very first online communication.

These Two Small Letters Heralded the Beginning of Online Communication

Their message is far more profound in retrospect than it was at the time

The Sharp Rise and Steep Descent of AOL Instant Messenger

The free instant messaging service introduced millions to the joys of online communication, but it fell behind in the social media age

The 2015 winner of the "GIF It Up" competition.

Competition Wants You to Turn Cultural Heritage Into GIFs

The latest round of "GIF It Up" seeks the best GIFs made from public domain prints, photos, paintings and more

Manasi Kulkarni on her farm in Nandgaon, Maharashtra, India

The Intrepid Teachers Bringing Internet Access To Women In Rural India

The gender disparity among internet users in the country's small villages is staggering. A program called Internet Saathi aims to help

A sign of "suggestions" for other natural wonders similar to New Zealand's Mount Taranaki

Why Internet Ads Are Taking Over New Zealand's Real-Life Wild Spaces

‘People who liked this also like...'

Backyard Worlds is using the power of citizen scientists to search for the elusive Planet 9.

The Universe Needs You: To Help in the Hunt for Planet 9

How one citizen science endeavor is using the Internet to democratize the search for distant worlds

A symbol that existed on typewriters is now a hallmark of the internet age

A Decade Ago, the Hashtag Reshaped the Internet

From humble origins, this ancient punctuation mark has gained new life as a symbol to connect us all on social media

The Best Ways to Watch the Eclipse Online (No Viewing Glasses Required)

Don't worry if you can't make it to the path of totality. These unique livestreams have you covered

The actual first logo for the World Wide Web, created by the developer of its first web browser.

The World Wide Web Was Almost Known as “The Mesh”

The inventor of the World Wide Web had a few different name ideas

This familiar landscape is always in flux.

Surf Through Newly Digitized Images to See Rome’s Ever-Changing History

The Eternal City is always evolving. Now, a new web resource shows how

This 1540 painting by Titian has had 11 owners.

New Website Tracks Paintings Provenance from Brush to Gallery Wall

<i>Mapping Paintings</i> makes it easier to figure out an artwork’s chain of ownership

So much potentially misleading information, so little time.

How Fake News Breaks Your Brain

Short attention spans and a deluge of rapid-fire articles on social media form a recipe for fake news epidemics

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