Net Worker

Where are your friends in cyberspace? Closer than you might think, says Internet researcher Jon Kleinberg

“I wanted to build something that grows from large to huge,” Schachter (at Yahoo!’s Palo Alto office) told the Guardian. “I don’t know if I have another innovation in me, but it would be nice to try.”

Site Seer

Faced with the Internet's overwhelming clutter, Joshua Schachter invented a deceptively simple tool that helps us all cut to the chase

“Lending to somebody,” says Flannery, “sends the message that you’re treating them as an equal. It’s a dignifiedway to interact.”

I, Lender

Software engineer Matt Flannery pioneers Internet microloans to the world's poor


Royal @

In a web-based monarchy, there are no bans on fox-hunting

Sam Ogden

35 Who Made a Difference: Tim Berners-Lee

First he wrote the code for the World Wide Web. Then he gave it away


Around the Mall & Beyond

The Smithsonian, the world's largest museum and research complex, has yet another address: the World Wide Web

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