Guys: Trying to Attract a Mate by Posing With Captive Tigers Is Not Cool

Some women estimate that up to one in ten men on Tinder have a profile picture featuring a big cat

Some World Cup Teams Ban Sex Before Games, Even Though Science Says It May Help Performance on the Field

Other teams, however, are all in favor of pre-game sex

For Some American Women, It's Become the Norm to Have Babies Without Being Married

Women who don't complete college are much more likely to have a child outside of wedlock than those who hold a bachelor's degree

"Trophy Wives" Are Rare in Real Life

Most people marry someone who has a similar degree of attractiveness and success as they do

Hurricane Irene caused destruction throughout the Caribbean and along the U.S. East Coast, killing more than 50 people in late August 2011.

Our Gender Biases May Be Making Hurricanes With Female Names More Deadly

Even without Katrina and Audrey, storms with feminine monikers have killed more people than those with masculine names

Daughters Who See Their Dad Doing Chores Aspire to Less Stereotypically Female Careers

Seeing a man do the household chores seems to reassure girls that it's no longer 1950

When Gay Men Become Parents, Their Brains Act Like Both Straight Mothers' And Fathers' Brains

In the absence of a mother, gay men's brains become blind to gender and step up to the full task of parenthood

Female Pigs Respond Differently to Batches of Sperm Carrying Mostly X Or Mostly Y Chromosomes

In an experiment, mother pigs' gene expression changed depending on the sperm type they were fertilized wtih

The Unpaid Intern Economy Rides on the Backs of Young Women

Female-dominated industries make heavy use of unpaid internships

This Facebook Page Allows Iranian Women to Share Selfies Sans Hijab

The anonymous photos are meant to inspire change

A red-winged blackbird, the males of which (pictured) feature bright red spots. Females, on the other hand, are a mottled brown.

Drab Female Birds Were Once As Flashy As Their Male Mates

Biologists always assumed that sexual selection primarily drove differences in looks between male and female birds, but a new study challenges that notion

A protester at the Bring Back Our Girls rally in New York City, which took place last week.

The U.S. Is Going to Help Try to Find the Still-Missing Nigerian School Girls

President Obama pledges immediate, on-the-ground support

An overly alluring research subject.

Biologists Are Biased Toward Penises

Researchers interested in the evolution of animal genitalia tend to focus on the male side of that equation, often unjustifiably ignoring the female

For 100 Years, Female Students Have Gotten Better Grades in Every Subject

Yes, that includes math and science

Young Men Often Deal With Unwanted Sexual Advances From Women

Nearly half of the male students surveyed said they had been on the receiving end of an attempt at sexual coercion

Women Pitching the Same Exact Ideas As Men Still Get Less Funding From Venture Capitalists

Men have a quantifiable advantage over women when pitching their businesses

Spider Monkeys Are the Only Other Primate Species That Segregates by Sex

Spider monkey females are basically living together in a feminist commune to escape the aggressive, greedy males

Angel Haze, whose album dropped in December after months of fighting with her label.

The Number of Female Rappers Signed to Major Labels Dropped From 40 to Just Three

Female MC’s, rappers and producers haven’t gone away; they just aren’t getting contracts with major labels anymore

Hollywood Overvalues Older Male Actors And Undervalues Older Women

A female movie star's salary peaks at age 34, and then drops off the cliff. Men hit their peak earnings at 51, and keep on making money

Judit Polgar is currently the only woman in the top 100 chess players in the world. Here, she is playing about a dozen other kids at chess. At the same time. She beat them all.

This Does Really Happen: Stereotypes Undermine Performance

Stereotype threat can be hard to prove in real life situation, but here's a really good example of how it works

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