Ancient Fingerprints Show Men and Women Both Made Pottery in the American Southwest

Long thought to be primarily women's work, new analysis of ceramic fragments shows both sexes created pottery at Chaco Canyon

A 19th-century illustration of 'Sleeping Beauty' by artist Gustave Doré

Barcelona School Commission Evaluates 600 Children's Books for Sexist Content

One-third of the books were removed for promoting gender stereotypes at a critical point in childhood development

While testosterone plays a significant role in fetal development, it is not the only hormone that influences masculinization.

In Addition to Testosterone, Another Hormone Is Vital for Early Male Development

A hormone called androsterone, produced in the placenta and other organs, plays a role in fetal development in the womb

The new survey follows up on findings from 2015.

Study Finds Art Museums Are Slowly Becoming More Diverse, but Progress Is ‘Uneven’

While more people of color are being hired at museums, there has been little change in diversity among senior leadership, especially

Bernice "Bunny" Sandler

Remembering "Godmother of Title IX" Bernice Sandler

Sandler, often known as "Bunny," played an important role in creating the landmark legislation

Previously deployed service members raise their hands at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey.

New Poll of U.S. Troops and Veterans Reveals Their Thoughts on Current Military Policies

In a new Smithsonian poll, conducted with the help of Stars and Stripes, current and former members of the armed forces take aim at conventional wisdom

Aaron Wixson, a Marine field artillery radar operator in Oceanside, California, transitioned from female to
male in 2016. His biggest challenge was getting everybody to change the pronouns they used for him. “Some of them
said, ‘We’ve been calling you “her” for so long.’”

The Faces Behind Transgender Troops' Struggle for Acceptance

Meet some of the servicemembers at the center of one of the most controversial matters facing the U.S. military

Socialists gather in New York City, but the crowd is conspicuously male-dominated considering the party's official stance on women's rights.

The Historical Struggle to Rid Socialism of Sexism

When it was founded, the Socialist Party of America proclaimed itself as the champion of women's rights. The reality was much more complicated

Anemonefish, also known as clownfish, are born androgynous and can shift from male to female in one lifetime.

Alternatives to Heterosexual Pairings, Brought to You By Non-Human Animals

No one quite has this sex thing figured out, but these non-binary animals have some good ideas

In the early 20th century, pioneer paleontologist Annie Montague Alexander had to find socially acceptable fieldwork partners to avoid being accused of vague improprieties on her expeditions. She would go on to found the University of California Museum of Paleontology at Berkeley.

The Many Ways Women Get Left Out of Paleontology

The hurdles that prevent female fossil hunters from rising at the same rates as their male peers are myriad—but they are all interconnected

Ten Female Innovators to Watch In 2018

These inventors, startup founders and businesswomen have exciting things happening this year. Stay tuned!

This Texas Company Is Fighting Hollywood's Gender Inequality With Hard Data From Movie Scripts

StoryFit uses artificial intelligence to analyze film scripts for how characters are portrayed by gender


Women Who Shaped History

Collecting the stories of women who forever changed the course of the American story

Will a New Law Forever Change the German Language?

When a language is strongly gendered, it can raise all sorts of challenges to a society that’s increasingly accepting of a wide spectrum of identities

It's not as bad as it sounds.

Sorry, Guys: Your Y Chromosome May Be Doomed

But don’t worry, men aren’t going anywhere

Scientists' Gender May Influence the Results of Experiments

A review of past research has found that subjects respond differently to male and female testers

A spirit medium pauses to light a cigarette.

Photos Celebrate the Lives of Gender Non-Conforming Spirit Mediums in Southeast Asia

The pioneering photographer's latest book documents the welcoming community of transgender individuals who serve as spirit mediums in Burma and Thailand

A makeshift shrine to Timothy Caughman, a black 66-year-old man who was fatally stabbed by James Harris Jackson, a white 28-year-old who reportedly traveled to New York with the intention of killing black men, on March 20th, 2017. The memorial was seen on the sidewalk at the Southeast corner of West 36th Street near to where Caughman resided and was slain. (Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones)

U.S. Hate Crimes Ticked Upward in 2016

The latest FBI stats show a 4.6 percent rise, but crimes may be underreported by a factor of 50

In her second book, The Sexes Throughout Nature, Blackwell argued that while male lions are physically larger and stronger, female lions were “more complex in structure and in functions” through their ability to reproduce and feed their young.

The Woman Who Challenged Darwin's Sexism

How a preacher with no scientific training ended up writing the first feminist critique of <em>Origins</em>

California Becomes First State to Introduce Gender-Neutral Birth Certificates

The new law also makes it easier for residents to legally change their sex designation

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